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DAC Day 8: compLexity Reverse Sweep Abed's Team Onyx

Team Liquid secure their slot at DAC 2017

Julius Tabios

The eight day of the Dota 2 Asia Championships Qualifiers declared the winner of the EU Qualifiers and was the start of the NA playoffs. The last PH hope in Abed and Team Onyx took on compLexity Gaming.

With coL not wanting a repeat of the Meepo nightmare that they experienced in TI6, Meepo was first banned in every match of the series.

Abed's Invoker was a dominating presence in the first game as he limited cancel^^'s Ember Spirit to a measly 8k net worth in the rout. coL's gamble of trying out Windranger in the offlane for monkeys-forever didn't work out despite the hero getting some buffs in the latest patch.

In Game 2, Onyx went with the Clockwerk-Shadow Fiend cheese Cogs play to give Abed an early game advantage. Abed did capitalize with an early monster game against cancel^^'s Queen of Pain but it didn't lead to much afterwards. The glaring problem for Onyx was giving coL the deadly Shadow Demon-Luna combination. When mid game rolled in coL's movements, decision making, and draft were far superior as they got the eventual victory after their poor start.

In the series decider, Team Onyx again went with the Clock-SF cheese in the early game. But cancel^^ just kept getting better as the series went on as he went blow-for-blow against Abed in the early game despite the latter's advantage. Team Onyx had the slight advantage around the mid game with good rotations from their support duo. But sloppy decision making was the name of the game for Onyx as they showed their lack of chemistry as a team as the game went on as coL took control of the game from the 30 minute mark.

Earlier in the day, Team Liquid took on team on the rise B)ears in the EU Qualifiers Finals. B)ears did their best but Miracle was on a mission to play in his first LAN of 2017. In the dominating sweep, Miracle churned out 10.5 kills per game and 732 GPM as Liquid will be making their return to the big stage after a forgettable end to 2016.

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