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IPT.MacDG: All of Getz's calls just worked superbly

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Julius Tabios

1consistent weren't even supposed to be at MPGL8 coming in from the Open Qualifiers. But they made it into the second lage last-minute, where they eventually wound up beating Top 2 PH team Expendables to make sure they had enough points to qualify into the Championship leg. John Lester Lstr Torres and his band of new bloods take out Alpha Dogs to start of the championship leg.

Then Imperium Pro Team successfully broke out of their slump by dismantling giant slayers G1 Wolves. IPT will be looking to get some revenge on Mineski-CS:GO tomorrow as they were bested by them recently.

At this point every bullet counts for these teams as a championship is within freach. Mineski.net got a chance to talk with Lstr and Mark Francis MacDG De Guiawho respectively led their teams to victory.



Mineski.net: Did you have any troubles for the duration of MPGL8?

Lstr: There were a lot because we weren't even expected to even be here at the Championship leg. We weren't even invited to MPGL so we knew we had to work hard. We got a groove going on then we started getting busier with our studies as we have three students in our team. We didn't get to practice and we lost to Mineski which we admit is a better team. But here we are now and it couldn't be sweeter.

Who do you look up to in CS:GO?

Lstr: Locally it's got to be Mineski's Kevin Dispenser Te. Then internationally, its Olof olofmeister Kajbjer. But I'm slowly getting to a point that I'm their equal. Joke lang mga idol.

Did you ever see yourself as the underdogs?

Lstr: We knew we were underdogs since we qualified for MPGL. But we never came into a match scared of our opponents because if we approach it like that then we already lost.

You were up 11-5 at one point but Alpha Dogs were threatening to make the comeback real. Take us through what happened then.

Lstr: I had to pick everyone up because if we lose the morale then they would have caught up. I calmed everyone down and told them to go back to their strengths. Play safe, play smart. We got this, boys.

Who were your best performers in the win over Alpha Dogs?

Lstr: I gotta give it to my boys, Jan Philip Flippy Castillo and sharpshooter Jeush Andrei Jeush Andrei CatangayAndreN Catangay. Nag beast mode eh. A lot of people want to sign them up but we've been together since our noob days.

Any shoutouts to your fans?

Lstr: Of course, shout outs to my friends. To my professors in UST who know that gaming is not a vice but a passion. They always understand and even wish me luck in my games. But I never used my gaming as an excuse for my studies. Study hard, play hard. Also thank you to my family, my girlfriend Cheska.


You've been under performing for awhile as a team. How did you manage to get your rhythm again?

MacDG: Before Stephen getz Doron became our captain we just weren't on the same page as a team despite being together for awhile, we really struggled together. Getz was naturally respected in the scene as he is undoubtedly one of the best snipers so we followed him and just gelled.

You went up 6-0 to start off the match and looked unstoppable but you faltered a bit in the second half. Walk us through that.

MacDG: We were so hyped about our good start; All of Getz's calls just worked superbly. Then there was that break and we just lost our composure which gave Wolves a chance to come back. We need to work on that If we want to win against Mineski tomorrow.

So Mineski huh? Excited to face them tomorrow?

MacDG: Of course we want to beat them and get some payback. Who wants to experience some heartbreak again? We have to make sure to shut down Mineski's dynamic duo of Dispenser and Jayvee DupsteP Paguirigan. If we keep them in check we have a good chance.

Lastly, any shoutouts to your fans?

MacDG: Of course I have to thank the Lord for making everything possible. My team, sir Raph, sir Butch, our fans, and my neighbors in Navotas. And of course to my girlfriend, Ianthe - I love you!

The MPGL 8 Counter Strike: Global Offensive Championship Leg Finals will be on Sunday at the ESL Arena in ESGS. Make sure to head on over to the SMX Convention Centre or tune in to our live stream if you wanna watch from the comfort of your own home.