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Mski.DubsteP: I will have that 'sindak' factor.

Can 1nconsistent exact their revenge from the Leg 2 finals?

Julius Tabios

DubsteP (left) and SOLO RANK WARRIOR (right)

1consistent continue their hot streak at the MPGL S8 Counter Strike: Global Offensive Championship leg as they dismantle Expendables with clutch plays all around from Jeush Andrei AdrieN Catangay and Gaveriel SOLO RANK WARRIOR Lichauco to secure their spot in tomorrow's grand finals.

There, they will have their chance at revenge againstMineski-CS:GO for the drubbing they received at the latter's hands in the Leg 2 Finals where 1nconcistent. were swept, with the defending champs securing their finals berth with a decisive win vs Imperium Pro Team.

At this point, every bullet counts for these teams as the championship is within reach to officially #RiseFromTheRest. On the eve of battle, Mineski.net got a chance to talk to Gaveriel SOLO RANK WARRIOR Lichauco and Jayvee DubsteP Paguirgan who proved to be the MVPs for 1nconsistent and Mineski-CS:GO in the semis, respectively.


Mineski.net: How does it feel having making it to the finals?

SRW: It feels amazing. We are going to celebrate because our hard work payed off and we are looking forward to tomorrow. We've only been together for around 3-4 months but we've accomplished a lot.

Who do you want to go up against, IPT or Mineski?

SRW: Of course it's Mineski. You know it. I want to duel against Kevin Dispenser Te. He used to be a former teammate so there's that extra incentive. We wanna show what we can do to Mineski.

It was a game of swings for you guys. Going up 3-0 then you lost 11 straight rounds before you kicked up the gear and just took it away from Expendable. Walk us through that

SRW: Everyone was tilting. As the veteran of the team I kept telling them we were better than Expendables, that all we had to do was stay in the game, and we got this. The crowd also helped when we were pulling off the clutch plays. Our communication as a team was definitey key.

How does it feel lining up with AdrieN, considered by many to be one of the hottest rising stars in the local scene?

SRW: It's amazing. I know he has my back and I trust him all the way. Sometimes he goes out of line and we have to reel him in, but overall he's an excellent teammate.

Any shoutouts to your fans?

SRW:Shoutout to my wife, my family. They understand my passion for Counter Strike and have been really supportive.


You are one of the most feared names in the local CS:GO scene. Do you see that as an advantage or a disadvantage?

DubsteP: Definitely an advantage because there will be that sindak factor. But I'm only 20% of the team and 80% of the other work is thanks to my teammates.

It's going to be a rematch of the MPGL Season 8 Leg 2 Finals, does that add extra nerves?

DubsteP: It's a championship game so of course there are nerves. And there's always that extra incentive of getting one up over your former teammate (Stephen getz Doron)

How are you approaching tomorrow?

DubsteP: We will go to our strengths and play our game. No need to overthink it, we just keep doing what we've been doing the whole season.

Lastly, any shoutouts to your fans?

DubsteP: Shoutouts to my mom, my siblings, and Jiro. All of my friends who are always there for me. To Mineski of course, thank you.

The MPGL 8 Counter Strike: Global Offensive Championship Leg Finals will be tomorrow, Sunday at the ESL Arena in ESGS. Make sure to head on over to the SMX Convention Centre or tune in to our live stream if you wanna watch from the comfort of your own home.