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canceL^^ Voluntarily Steps Down From The compLexity Gaming Roster

The Romanian will be taking a break from competitive Dota

Julius Tabios

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compLexity Gaming's mid laner Antonio canceL^^ Mihai has voluntarily stepped down from the roster.

The Romanian joined the Florida-based organization last September. Before moving to the USA, he was notably effective in some of coL's Qualifier matches despite playing from Europe at around 150 ping. When he finally was playing on equal terms with everyone he finally showed his quality.

While the European didn't win anything of note with coL in his time with the organization, he definitely had his moments. coL managed to defeat fellow American powerhouse Evil Geniuses two times during the Boston Major Group Stages. For him to go blow-for-blow with arguably one the best mid laners today in Syed SumaiL Hassan was an achievement in itself.

canceL, however, won't be officially cutting ties with the organization as he might still stream under their brand from Europe or maybe even come back to the team in the future. He released a statement about his decision:

“Unfortunately in the recent qualifiers I was not performing at a level that I expected of myself, and I felt I was holding the team back. As a result I decided to take some time to work on my play individually, rather than holding my team back. I am stepping down in the hopes that the team can find someone that is able to help them win, while I improve on my own. I would like to thank coL.Dota, compLexity, and the fans for the good times. I'm sorry to have disappointed this time, but I will keep working hard and I will not give up.”

coL manager Kyle Beef Bautista also released a statement about canceL:

“When we first recruited Antonio I was a bit skeptical. His reputation wasn’t the greatest, nor was his track record. Much to my delight, it turned out that he was not only a skilled player, but an exceptional human being. I can truly say it has been a delight working with him. It is regrettable that his raw talent wasn’t able to translate to success within the team environment, but I know that he gave it his all, each and every day. I am sad to see him departing the competitive team, but following some time away from Dota, I hope we will be able to continue working with him as a streamer and personality.”

coL debuted Chinese-American player Eric 747 Dong as a standin in their win over the Peter ppd Dager led WanteD in Elimination Mode 3.0.

Source: compLexity Facebook

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