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Cloud9 Debuts New 17yo Jungler in the NA LCS Spring Split

2017 NA League Championship Series Spring Preview

Carmelo Joseph III Favie

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The home region of League of Legends is set to kick off their 2017 Spring season tomorrow morning with an exciting matchup on the docket to start things off. That's right, the NA LCS is back with several new talented Summoners filling out the key position in various teams. Cloud9 and Team SoloMid get their 2016 NA LCS Summer Playoffs rematch sooner than expected.

Cloud9's Prodigy

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TSM and C9 both have a new player heading into the starting lineup 2017 season. TSM have lost Doublelift for one split, and have re-acquired their former AD Carry WildTurtle. Cloud9 on the other hand pick up an interesting new jungler after their 8th spot finish at last year's Worlds. The former Cloud9 Challenger jungler Contractz has signed on with C9's main team, and will be playing as starting jungler in place of Meteos, who has stepped down into the substitute jungler position. Contractz made his meteoric rise in the NA Challenger Series at the young age of 17.

Cloud9 takes on Team SoloMid early tomorrow morning at 7:00AM on the LoL Esports twitch channel. The match afterwards will feature newcomers to the LCS, Looper and Ryu as Phoenix1 battle with Echo Fox in the 2nd best-of-three matchup of the day.