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Chronoshift: The First Patch of Season 7

Patch 7.1 Notes

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ICYMI: Perfection Above All: Camille Enters Summoner's Rift

Happy New Year! League of Legends enters it's 7th season cycle with the very first patch of the year, and Riot Games kick off things with numerous changes to the Rift and beyond. Patch 7.1 contains more changes to the game and champions than any of the previous season 6 patches.

New Year, New Patch

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The patch delivers mostly patches for Anivia, Draven, Kalista, Kennen, while pulling back on some of Camille's overbearing stats, as is the normal case with brand new champions that constantly need balancing.

Most of the jungler camps have had their experience yield lowered except for the Raptor camp who received an experience buff. Patch 7.1 also focuses on fixing a lot of bugs and issues with the game and the client itself. Things are slowly shaping up before the major LoL Esports kick off for the Spring Splits. Check the link down below for the full patch 7.1 notes.