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GGWP 2016: Ad Finem Hold Their Heads Up High

The sky's the limit for the Greek squad.

Julius Tabios

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Good game, well played 2016. The competitive Dota 2 season of the year comes to a memorable halt with the #DreamGreen squad OG taking their third Major.

On the other side of the spectrum, the Greek Gods of Ad Finem may not have won the Eaglesong but they have won the adore of many fans from all over the world. Led by the passionate Giorgos SsaSpartan Giannakopoulos they stole the spotlight in the Wang Theatre.

Ad Finem kicked off the Main Event by upending Chinese powerhouse Newbee who featured the formidable 9k prodigy Song sccc Chun. Then they sent home the Director himself, Zhang xiao8 Ning in the Quarterfinals. The Greek lightning would not slow down as they then vanquished The International 6 finalists Digital Chaos in the Semifinals.

The untouchable Omar Madara Dabachach might be a key catalyst for the squad. But the real MVP, the most beautiful thing about Ad Finem is how they execute their brand of team-oriented Dota. Just like the Greek Hoplites of old, when they formed their Phalanx they were neigh unstoppable. This Greek team have shown their love for the classic 4-protect-1 strategy while other rosters have commonly gone with two hard carry drafts. While risky, Ad Finem know exactly how to make it work. Their synergy is undeniable when they work together. For example if Madara is on his legendary Morphling, Dimitris Thug Plivouris will be ready to back him up with his Dagon Puck.

Ad Finem don't have a bonafide superstar like Artour Arteezy Babaev or Amer Miracle Barqawi so when they win they do it together. When Ad Finem wins they share the wealth with numerous assists across the board like in their domination of DC where they had 74 assists in Game 1 and 77 assists in Game 2.

Though this teamwork is also sometimes one of their greatest weakness. They have this thing called the Save Your Friends syndrome. In their series against LFY, Thug's OD, on a Godlike streak, was in the clear against the pursuing Chinese squad. Captain SsaSpartan's lowly Rubick covered his retreat as the sacrificial lamb but for some reason Thug came back and tried to save his support and ended up giving away his Godlike streak's heft bounty. Oh captain, my captain? Not worth it, Thug and unforced errors.

Flaws aside, Ad Finem have all the potential in the world to become a top-tier team. For a team that has won a little over $30,000 since its founding in late 2015 they now go home with a nifty 500,000 USD pot from their second place finish in the Boston Major. Ad Finem is latin for 'To The End' and they showed just that in the Wang Theatre where they did not cower against overwhelming odds much like the legendary King Leonidas in the Battle of Thermopylae. They have put Greece on the Dota 2 map and this is just the beginning for them.