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Back at it Again: H2k-Gaming catches up to G2 Esports once more!

2016 EU LCS Summer W2 Recap

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Written by Adrien Escobin

Week 2 of the European LCS has been packed with exciting matches, great plays and all the things you love about EU scene with a little splash of drama. As G2 Esports shows chinks in their armor, with Team ROCCAT dealing them their first loss of the split, H2k-Gaming has been steady in their rise back to the top. Two teams have been seen under-performing this week. Team Vitality and Origen have seen better days, especially OG. Well, enough of the chitchat and on with the EULCS.

Freeze Welcomes Us to the League of Draven

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After the shuffling of the ADCs among the teams where Zven (along with Mithy) went to G2 and OG picked up FORG1VEN, H2K's current ADC is former Renegades ADC, Freeze. Freeze, in an earlier statement, said he will prove he is better than his predecessor FORG1VEN and he is well on his way. H2K's two matches during the week had Freeze showing his skills on an unconventional pick, Draven. The team used comps that invested in the Draven damage and in the end, H2K cashed out big time. After the week, H2K moves up to 2nd place below G2 and are looking to prove that G2's win last Spring was not as easy as most people saw it.

Origen: Desperate Time Call for Desperate Measures

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Origen, even during the first week, is lacking in form with the departure of their star bot lane. Before Week 2 even started, FORG1VEN, their starting ADC during the time, shocked fans when he said he had lost motivation for playing and is moving to secondary. OG had a choice between xPeke and Cyanide, the only players they listed as subs, to be the starter for the ADC position and they ultimately went with their coach, xPeke. Although he was good, xPeke lacked the experience his opponents have in the said position and only achieved so-so results with OG tying their 2 matches 1-1. Unfortunately in the standings, OG are dead last. Their disaster of a first week is taking its toll. Anyway, when you've hit rock bottom, there's nowhere to go but up. Origen is not down for the count and are still fighting the good fight.