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Beat the Best: ASUS ROG Masters 2017 DOTA 2 Philippine Finals

The Search for the Next Dota 2 Master Continues

Maouie Reyes

Dota 2 greatness never stops. Shortly after the world championship of Dota 2 rose once more a test only for the greatest Filipino teams. Four Filipino teams have outplayed a sea of contenders to be a step closer towards the legacy of becoming a Master.

Execration, HappyFeet, Entity Gaming, and IPT.4114 are called this August 19 to fulfill their ultimate step for the ASUS ROG Masters 2017 Philippine Finals, fighting for PHP 125,000 and the pride of representing Philippines for the APAC Regional Qualifier.

Having joined by fresh names and veterans, the looming Philippine Finals is set to be an exciting one. Aside from the assurance of great Dota 2 games, the possibility of an underdog upsetting a powerhouse is huge in this one.

Who do you think will conquer the Philippine Finals?


The brand of Imperium Pro Team is already a common sight in the local competitive scene. With powerhouses from multiple gaming titles collectively earning achievements for the organization, it's only about time they enter the Dota 2 scene.

But the road to Dota 2 stardom, of course, is never easy, even if you're an established empire. This is a fact which IPT.4114 knew very well. From the shadows of low-tier qualifiers they emerged, catching a chunky break from the ASUS ROG Masters 2017 Philippine Qualifiers.

Their players might not be the most famous ones, nor the greatest which Philippines has to offer, but counting them out won't also be wiser. There's a reason IPT.4114 is situated with the likes of Execration, and that is because of their Dota skills only getting better.


This Indian-based gaming organization stacked with young Filipino talents has been braving through the already competitive scene of Southeast Asian Dota for quite some time now. They were spotted at the SEA open qualifiers for The International 2017 but found their luck in the ROG MASTERS 2017 Philippines Qualifier.

With the experience of Danny "Noia" Junget, a former Cloud9 member who vied for the gold against TNC Pro Team during the World Electronic Sports Games 2016, paired the fresh leadership skills of Filipino captain Job "JobeeEzy" Ramos, Entity Gaming is an up and coming Southeast Asian powerhouse.

The battle for the PHP 125,000 and the pride to represent Philippines in the ROG MASTERS 2017 APAC Regional Qualifier will be Entity Gaming's first endeavor towards proving themselves as a skilled competitor.


It has been months since the return of HappyFeet yet the legacy which the organization has implanted through the minds of the Filipino fans is still yet to be re-established.

Despite their recent lackluster results, however, HappyFeet is never not in shape to accomplish that mission. The addition of Linuel "Teehee" Abanto, fresh from his successful journey with Geek Fam, supplied another source of power for the veteran roster of the Penguins.

One good series is all it takes for HappyFeet to explode into greatness once more. Once they are able to locate their stride, stopping them from their rampage will be a near impossible task. Aside from that, their contenders must also be wary of giving Julz his legendary Shadow Fiend or their chance is already nil.


Philippines' first Dota 2 Major direct invitee, The International 2017 main event attendee, WCA APAC Qualifier, ROG MASTERS 2016's silver finisher, and one of Philippines legendary Dota 2 team, Execration's long list of accomplishments can speak for themselves.

The Cavite-based gaming organization will be coming into the ROG MASTERS 2017 Philippine Qualifiers finals fresh from the stage of KeyArena at Seattle. They are easily deemed to be the favorites of this tournament especially with the addition of Raging Potato into their lineup.

The success of Execration at this qualifier is only certain if none of the underdogs won't pull off a crazy upset against this powerhouse. It's always welcome to try but if some of the world's best had a hard time trying to bring them down, it will never be easier this time around.