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AdmiralBulldog was Denied US Entry

The former TI winner was sent packing

Julius Tabios

Banner Image Credit: joinDOTA Youtube

Visas have been troubling the professional Dota scene since time immemorial. This time around, however, it is not a Filipino but a Swede who has been inconvenienced greatly by the US Immigration System.

Henrik AdmiralBulldog Ahnberg, a former The International Champion and well-revered Twitch streamer, was barred from entering the US after his flight from 10 hour flight from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Bulldog was suppose to take part in the upcoming TI7 as an analyst on the panel but after those recent circumstances, sadly it will no longer be possible. Bulldog has released an official statement on his Twitter.

"In the end I don't know who is to blame I just told the customs what I was there to do and they wouldn't allow me in without a work visa," Bulldog wrote. "I assumed a b2 business visa would be fine and since valve/pgl didnt they say hey that visa won't work you need this I assumed what I had was fine."

Valve contemplated about moving The International outside of the US earlier this year due to its strict immigration system but they have ultimately decided against it. Bulldog not being able to join TI7 is heartbreaking news for his many fans but it might encourage Valve to once again try and move it's premier annual event away from American shores.

You can read Bulldog's full statement here.