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Acion Arena Win The Alaxan FR League of Unstoppables

The Arena beat out Dezufni in a 5-game grand finals

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The Alaxan FR League of Unstoppables concluded today with Acion Arena winning the 1st place slot as well as 80,000 Php in prize money.

This is yet another notch on the belt of the ex-PGS League of Legends team that had also proven their quality internationally after finishing 2nd place in last year's IeSF Esports World Championship.

In second place is Dezufni, the unofficial successor to also ex-PGS team Infuzed Esports with most of the same players. In third after losing the Losers Bracket finals to Acion Arena is team G1 Esports.

Acion Arena's win also comes off the back of a roster revamp at the start of 2017. The current roster is comprised of AcA Demon, AcA Szeinavla, AcA Aeko, AcA Jaesen, and AcA Moraytaboy.

It seems, then, that the org is off to a good start. In the words of team manager Adrian 'Butters' Jison: "Second place was never the goal. It's to become the best locally and internationally."