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Abed Removes Digital Chaos Banner on Twitter

Roster Change Incoming?

Maouie Reyes

Right after the Dota 2 rosters got finalized last October 3, Filipino wunderkind and world's first 10K MMR player, Abed, caused a stir in the Dota 2 community after removing the Digital Chaos banner from his Twitter account.

The community was quick to theorize that there's a looming roster change for the North American team. Although no official announcements have been made as of publication time, this theory was approved by the infamous Reddit user lgdamefan.

When asked on the same Reddit thread if a certain bryle will replace Abed in Digital Chaos, lgdamefan replied with a meek 'yeah'. bryle is an underrated 16-year-old streamer who mainly plays at US East server with an 8.4K MMR.

lgdamefan came into popularity after leaking the rosters of Fnatic-Dota, Evil Geniuses, Team OG, Digital Chaos, and the eventual OpTic Gaming during the Post-TI7 roster shuffle. The anonymous Redditor was eventually proven credible after all his leaks turned out to be correct.

Last October 7, Execration captain, Kim0, posted a photo, on his Facebook account, of what seems to be Abed enjoying a vacation on General Trias, Cavite. People were quick to speculate about Abed's return, but Kim0 commented that he was only there for a visit.

Abed took down his Digital Chaos banner shortly after DeMoN announced to join the roster of the NA squad.

DeMoN's Twitter account with Digital Chaos banner.

Even so though, all of this is mere speculation until an official announcement is posted by the DC camp.

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