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A Statement from Mineski

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Author's note: We would like to prevent further unnecessary damage to the involved persons/parties by hiding their real names in this article.


A summary of the "AWD" scandal:

AWD, the leader of the team who conceptualized the recent PPSL, has been rained down with several accusations from various parties including his own team.

1. $2000 HoN Event Missing

S2games has funded AWD to host a HoN tournament. However it is not known what was the agreement in terms of when the tournament was supposed to be held. But it was announced that it should have occurred on November 7 to November 8 which coincides with PPSL. Despite the announcement, the HoN tournament never materialized and the eight HoN teams at the venue during that time expressed frustration for making them wait several hours for nothing.

2. Cancelled Flights of CUBE and YJY

Four members of CUBE, a StarCraft II team based in Cebu City, and YJY, a StarCraft II player from Australia, are qualified participants of the PPSL. However, the flights of the aforementioned parties were never attended to. Both parties claim that AWD was not willing at all to fly them for the event despite promising otherwise.

3. Outstanding $12,000 (P516,000) Debt

After the event was concluded, a debt totalling to $12,000 was reported by a flight agency employee and former PPSL staff. The bill rooted from the flight costs of the foreign professional gamers who flew into the country in order to participate the PPSL.



Mineski's Statement:

"The happenings within the past week are a disappointment for Filipino gamers, the gaming community and e-sports in general. This was a great opportunity for the country to further progress globally through e-sports and it was lost through a series of miscommunication and mismanagement. We empathize with the players and the fans who were deeply disappointed with the quality of the event.

The facts may be all laid out but we are not in a position to pass judgement. We leave that task to the proper figures and hope that justice be served. We only hope to further develop e-sports for our country and regain what was lost. This event will not be the end and we will rebuild on it and be stronger as we learn from the mistakes.

We would also like to recognize those who stepped up in the time of chaos and along with the spirit of the gaming community, soldiered on to see the end of the event to the best of their abilities. They are unsung heroes who were also unjustly blamed for the actions of one. Through them we see the community acting as one and we hope that this shows our true strength and solidarity.

A fire has been lit beneath us. We will let it grow to be a flame and show the world that Philippine e-sports is made not by one man, but one country."

- Mineski International Inc.