Silvercross leaves MUFC

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Aaron Perez

After recent consecutive victories of Malaysian powerhouse, MUFC, in the ongoing Roccat DotA Gosucup, their key member Silvercross a.k.a Nick Chang Sheng Lim has bid goodbye to his team. Silvercross has been replaced by Daniel 'Garfield' Wong.


Chen "Chenizace" Chinyi, Manager of MUFC:

"SilverCross goes inactive because he has his own working commitment. We welcome Garfield to the family and we strongly believe that his potential will bring our DotA division to reach greater milestones.

I would like to say thanks to our respective gamers who have trained so hard for the team as well as all the fans who have always supported us no matter what happens. We are indeed grateful and we promise that we will train harder."


After losing their main carry, now let’s see how MUFC can adjust with their new member, Garfield.


Current MUFC Roster:

Malaysia Raymond 'Sharky' Wong

Malaysia Lee 'Ky.xY' Kong Yang

Malaysia Sim 'Ling' Woi Cheong

Malaysia Lim 'Net' Wai Pern

Malaysia Daniel 'Garfield' Wong