Mineski Portal TIP and Access Computer College Invitational

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Calvin Callangan

Throughout the years, Mineski has brought gamers the satisfaction that they truly deserve.  Yet another addition to the growing gaming industry has come. Mineski is now reaching out to places that deserve to have better gaming facilities. And luckily, our TIP along with Access Computer College gamers will have the chance to experience firsthand the gaming experience only Mineski Cyber Cafe’s provide. Get your team all fired up and put your game faces on as we open the gates to the Mineski experience.

What: Mineski Portal TIP/Access Computer College Invitation Tournament

You heard it right boys and girls, gamers of all ages. Gather your team of 5. All participants must present their valid TIP and Access Computer College ID’s to be able to participate. Team members with invalid or fake ID’s will not be allowed to join. This is your chance uplift your team’s name and be able to have to rights to be called “The best team in TIP/Access Computer College”.

Where: 939 Aurora Blvd. Cubao Quezon City (Across TIP) nearest station Anonas station.

Mineski Portal TIP Location

When: Sunday, October 16, 2011 at 8am


Tournament Prize: P 5,000

Maximum number of teams: 32 Teams

Rules: MPGL Rules

Bracket Format: TBA (To be announced) 

Champions Showdown

Champions shall collide. The Champs of the TIP/Access Computer College Invitational will have the chance to play against the recently crowned TGX SEA Champions MI.POWERCOLOR. A best of 3 match shall be played and the drill is simple, win against MI.POWERCOLOR and a whopping P25,000 will be yours to keep!

Php 30,000 is at stake. All you need is skill, coordination and team spirit. Show us what you got! Sunday, October 16, 2011 at 8AM.

To Reserve a slot please follow this format

Team name: Mineski Infinity
Matthew Rivera (Captain) 
Mark Ayala
Luke Tan
John Yu
Contact number: +63 927 123 4567
Email address: [email protected]


Registered Teams:

1. Iglot Gaming

2. TeamBa

3. Essential

4. BubblePop

5. Zuckerberg

6. Benta Gaming

7. University of the Noobs


9. Team Himala

10. Trofa

11.  Bluffer Gaming

12. CdoGaming

13. Swapots

14. Emperor

15. Kapuso

16. Crows!

17. Happy Go Lucky!

18. TEAM MR.


20. T-ARA

21. Basic