Mineski Infinity Las Piñas opens with a BANG!

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Calvin Callangan


The best in Cyber Cafe Network and the pioneer of competitive gaming industry in the country is gearing up for its 4th Cybercafe! Mineski International Inc. invites all to witness the opening of Mineski Infinity - Las Piñas this Sunday October 2! Witness Philippine gaming at its best and finest as two games will be calling the shots this time around: Defense of the Ancients and for the first time ever, Crossfire!

MPGL 3-9 Day 2 @ Infinity - Las Piñas

The best DotA league in the country is coming to a close as the Pinoy Gaming Festival draws near. MPGL 3-9 finals will be held in MI-LP to bring that eSports bang for this crazy opening ceremony. Witness your favorite teams clash for one more time in the Mineski Pro-Gaming League. This MPGL will be the last determinant of which DotA teams will be playing this October 28-30 in PGF at SM North EDSA!


FPS Showdown: Featuring Crossfire

The title says it all. Literally! Shots will be fired, grenades will be thrown and bombs will be planted as we hold the very first FPS opening tournament in MIOT: Crossfire Edition. Experience gaming unlike ever before as we once again put up an addition to the Cyber Cafe excellence that only Mineski Infinity gives. Our peeps from the South better be geared up for battle. Let the mayhem begin!



Mineski Infinity Opening Tournament: Crossfire Edition


October 2, 2011, Sunday

Registration opens 2pm!


Mineski Infinity Las Pinas, South Park Flavors Compound, Talon Dos, Zapote Road, Las Pinas City 1742