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Team Potato become back-to-back MPGL7 DN champs

Juno Reyes


The old guard continues to dominate the local Dragon Nest competitive scene, as the finals of the recently concluded MPGL7 DN 7-3 Class S featured the same two teams who have met at the big stage in the two previous legs, and splitting them accordingly.

Team Potato vs Team F, Part III

For the third time in a row, Team Fury (F) and Team Potato met in the grand finals of the MPGL in order to determine who would claim the right to be called the best Dragon Nest team in the Philippines. This time around, it was Team Potato who came out on top, becoming back-to-back champions in the process. 

While things may seem quite static at the very top, this leg features the first time this year that the Final 4 stage was not composed of the same four teams, as Team Waka2x was able to upset Raviance in the first round of the Class S playoffs, perhaps signifying that a change in the winds is about to take place. 


MPGL DN Leg 3 Class S results:
1st Place - Team Fury (P16,000)
2nd Place - Team Potato (P8,000)
3rd Place - Point Click Skill (P5,000)
4th Place -  Team Waka2x(P4,000)
5th/6th Place - Raviance (P3,000)
5th/6th Place - Pioneers (P3,000)