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Fury wins first leg of MPGL Dragon Nest

Dexter Ancheta


Formerly known as MSI Evolution GT 2, Team Fury (shortened as Team F) has brought their domination from Dasmariñas all the way to the brand new Class S division of the MPGL Dragon Nest of Season 7. Still composed of Romeo, Gino, Rahquee, they have now added Daywatser who was formerly part of Point Click Skill.

Team F roster:
Gino JienFury Gonzales (Barbarian)
Rocky Rahquee/RakFury Magistrado (Elestra)
Romeo PapaFuryJr Borinagao (Gladiator/Guardian)
John Robin Daywatser/xDayFury Gonzales (Gearmaster)

About Day's transfer to Gino's squad, it all happened after last year's E-Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) when the team found out that future tournaments would include a 4v4 format. Gino said in an interview,  "I was thinking looking for members to recruit and Day was at the top of my list, but surprisingly he came at me and asked if they needed a pro Gearmaster ofcourse I accepted without hesitation.. It was actually very lucky of me to have Day in our team!"

Team F's run towards the finals as seen on livestream

The team went on to be victorious in the first edition of MPGL Dragon Nest Class S defeating Team Potato at the finals. When asked about the team's experience, "It was very fun and very competitive since we were battling with the best of the best of the best. Besides everyone saw how much fun we were having during the tourney, I think I was the noisiest player there."

Gino then proceeded to give insights about the new format of MPGL Dragon Nest, "Well the difference from last season was we had to be prepared even in the first game since we already know that we will fighting one of the best teams."

Gino also added about new teams that would enter the league, "I really think if the tournament was announced a bit earlier, more teams would have joined. The monster teams were separated from other teams and they would have a better chance of winning. In fact there were still some players who were searching for teams but didn't make it in time."

Also according to Gino, this year will be possibly his last for his competitive gaming career, "Actually I already told my team and my girlfriend that this is probably going to be my last year or next year depending on real life situations [sic]. My hands aren't as fast as they used to be I'm afraid. If ever I quit, Romeo will be there to replace me as the new Barbarian anyway."

Team F (L-R: Day, Rocky, Romeo, Gino)

"I'd like to thank my love Ai for always being there for me during tournaments, and also to Rockys girlfriend for giving him the necessary buff to get us the win! I would also like to thank Draco and Solareas for training me to fight against the Acrobat/Windwalker class! And I would also like to thank Jblaze and Dredd for giving me tips on how to become a better player/captain!"

MPGL DN Leg 1 Class S results:
1st Place - Team Fury (P16,000)
2nd Place - Team Potato (P8,000)
3rd Place - Raviance (P5,000)
4th Place - Point Click Skill (P4,000)
5th/6th Place - Pioneers (P3,000)
5th/6th Place - VengeanceX (P3,000)

Full brackets and results: http://www.mineski.net/events/980-mpgl-dragon-nest-leg-1