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Dragon Nest comes back to MPGL

Dexter Ancheta


MANILA, Philippines - It's high time that the third game category of Mineski Pro-Gaming League (MPGL) to be revealed. This year is already the seventh season of MPGL and so far only two game titles have seen light (Dota 2 and LoL). To make things much brighter for all local professional gamers, Mineski-Events Team (MET) has confirmed the return of Dragon Nest (DN) to the league.

"Dragon Nest is still one of the most played massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) in the country that has a competitive aspect," said Marlon Marcelo the MPGL commissioner. "With the huge community backing and playerbase of MMORPG's such as Dragon Nest, it's beyond reasonable to include this game into the most prestigious Philippine e-sports league that is MPGL."

MPGL DN will again be backed by none other than Cherry Credits. Their Esports Manager has the following to say, "We're extremely pleased to be able to feature Dragon Nest in the Mineski Pro-Gaming League for the 4th consecutive year! It is also our way to give back to the Filipino Dragon Nest community for being supportive of Dragon Nest. We hope that all of the participants & fans will enjoy this year's MPGL & may the best team win!"


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We also have: Class G tournament (all-girls)
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New format


MPGL DN now also has a three-phase format: qualifier, class A, class S. All three will be happenning every second week's Sunday of the month starting April 12 at Mineski cybercafes Shaw, Molino, Cebu, and Davao.

Top 2 teams from each branch tournament qualify for the Class A portion of the tournament.

Class A

Now here's where the new format kicks in. The top finishing teams of each branch tournament get to face off each other in an 8-team double elimination format.

Champion teams of each branch start off at the Winners Bracket while the runner-ups finish at the Losers Bracket.

Top 2 finishing teams of the Class A are promoted to Class S for next month's leg.

Class S

The elite Dragon Nest teams of the country are now granted a division of their own, the MPGL Class S. Each month, six of the best Dragon Nest teams of the Philippines face off each other to determine the MPGL champion.

For the first leg, the six teams are pre-determined through invite: Potato, Point Click Skill, Pioneers, Team F, Raviance, and VengeanceX.

The first phase of Class S is the group stage with three teams spread across two groups. The performance of each team in terms of win-loss determines each of their seeding at the playoffs with the top 1 of each group jumping immediately to the semifinals.

The playoffs itself is a single elimination bracket. Losing teams of the first round of the playoffs lose Class S status and is replaced by the top 2 Class A for the next leg.

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We also have: Class G tournament (all-girls)
Registration for Boss Time Attack is on-site (2pm)


Prize Pool

The prize pool per month/leg is in the total of P68,000 with the Class S champion winning P16,000. The rest is divided as follows.

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We also have: Class G tournament (all-girls)
Registration for Boss Time Attack is on-site (2pm)