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4 Vainglory Heroes With Ridiculous Win Rates

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Julius Tabios

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With 36 heroes now in Vainglory's ever expanding roster, it can be quite a daunting task which heroes to 'main' or abuse. Drafts are usually very flexible with heroes who can play dual roles becoming increasingly apparent. Heroes such as Kestrel who is categorized as a carry but can also be utilized in the jungle role have become much more contested and have had favorable win rates. Burst damage has also recently been favorable in the meta and heroes who specialize in them have also seen an increase use in competitive play.

So here are some of the recent heroes who have defined the Vainglory competitive scene:


The grumpy frost mage proves that age is only a number as he remains a highly contested pick. Thanks to his impressive damage output and tankiness, Reim holds a crazy 67.5% win rate and 31.1% ban rate in high rank games. Once he gets his Halycon Boosters and Clockwork, his spells get that much more spammable and an icy doom will surely await his opponents.

Since he isn't a great initiator relying on his Valkyrie for any real crowd control, tanky heroes with good initiate such as Catherine and Grace will ensure Reim dishes out the damage.


Blackfeather is the king of poke damage. The dashing debonair's kit allows him to get in and out of fights dealing massive damage and isn't an easy kill himself. Being a focus-based hero, he never has problems with mana and is easily a lane dominator early on. Blackfeather's 54.2% win rate and 37.8% ban rate underlines how much players respect the pick. His item progression usually favors heavy weapon damage going for Tyrants Monocle and Bonesaw while a nifty utility Eye of Harvest improves his survivability tremendously.

Blackfeather may be a fairly tanky DPS hero but he still needs heroes who are willing to jump into a fight before him. Junglers such as Ardan and Alpha will be key for him to be able to truly wreak havoc.


Every rose its thorn, and Petal has many. Petal is yet another lane dominator in Vainglory today. With her Munion army she can easily deal damage from afar and she has utility healing for herself or her allies in a pinch. She also a good slow and zoning capabilities with her Brambleboom Seeds. A Tyrants Monocle is a good item for extra burst while Halycon Chargers helps her spam her abilities more.

She is an extremely squishy carry when caught out so she really needs Ardan or Lyra to keep her in fighting shape.


Saw is a risky pick but in the right hands, he turns into a high damage hero raining death from afar. Despite being a low mobility hero, Saw holds a 63.2% win rate in high rank games. Further amplifying his damage output with Tornado Trigger and Tyrants Monocle is a must for the post-apocalyptic gunner.

His innate vulnerability requires his team to pick two bruisers to keep his opponents off of him. The Graces and the Ardans will definitely be complementary for Saw.

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Stats taken from VainSocial and VainAura.