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TNC:The Grand Finale Preview

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Richardson Jacinto

Just after the historic MPGL SEA Grand Finals, the Philippine eSports scene are in for another treat as this weekend TNC Gaming will organize their first-ever culminating event, The Grand Finale. The event is set to be held at the SM North Edsa Cyberzone this December 13 to 14.

The Grand Finale features the playoffs of TNC Cup's six divisions with the top four teams of each, and all of them will undergo a double elimination bracket. First stop will be the DOTA 2 division and it will feature two MPGL SEA Philippine representative and two MPGL SEA Wildcard teams. Pacific DOTA 2 will play against MSIEvoGT.PP. Click N' Search on the other hand will be facing Wargodz.OZINE.

Predictions: MSIEvoGT vs Click N' Search in the finals, Winner: Click N' Search

For the League of Legends division. Pacific, MaanLow, Wargods and Imperium Pro Team will battle it out for the title. A lot of you guys might be surprised that an unknown team made it to the top 4 but don't let their name fool you. Team MaanLow is composed of ex-MLE members so rest assured that they will put up a great fight.

Predictions: MaanLow vs Wargods in the finals, Winner: Wargods

Assaultfire will be TNC's flagship FPS game. It will feature three of the top four of MPGL Assaultfire and CxG who is one of the top eight too so it will really be a bloodshed boiling. Wargods will face the former champion Expendables while the current MPGL champion, Imperium Pro Team (former TNC.Olongapo) will face CxG.

Predictions: Wargods vs IPT in the finals, Winner: Imperium Pro Team

DragonNest will also be featured in the Grand Finale. The MMORPG finals will feature two MSIEvoGT, Philippine DWC representative, Raviance and Point Click Skill. MSIEvoGT will have a shot for revenge first against Raviance, the team that eliminated them during the DWC Qualifiers. While their second squad will take on PCS.

Predictions: MSIEvoGT vs Raviance in the finals, Winner: MSIEvoGT

Student gamers will also battle it out as TNC's Student's League will also take place in the Grand Finale. Two Lyceum teams will face the FEU and PUP squad. Although these teams are relatively unknown, we can attest that the FEU and PUP representatives are seasoned veterans of students-only leagues.

Predictions: FEU vs PUP in the finals, Winner: PUP