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JessieVash and PlayHard out of Mineski-DOTA!

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Richardson Jacinto

It's been a rollercoaster ride for the Local DOTA 2 scene here in the Philippines but it looks like the ride isn't over yet.

Mineski-DOTA has once again changed their roster as they start to finalize and stabilize their roster. Just today, it was Mineski-DOTA's long time player, Jessie Cristy "Vash" Cuyco. that announced that he's already out of the team. 

According to his post on his personal facebook profile, he said that he's no longer part of the team. In an interview, Vash told mineski.net that the management decided to let him go as the new "official" roster was already complete. *"Sipa na ako sa bahay ni kuya. Solid line-up na daw eh" (I'm out of big brother's house. They already got a solid line-up). And it was not only him that's out of the roster. Prieme  Ejay "PlayHard" Banquil is reportedly also out of the team's final roster. 

Fans will remember that JessieVash was part of the Mineski-DOTA roster that won the MPGL SEA Championship last year and he's also part of the roster that represented Philippines during The International 1. On the other hand, PlayHard joined the team last August after being scouted while playing in Mineski Infinity Davao.

The team is currently going to another major roster change after three of their main players were penalized for being part of the #322PH Match-fixing scandal. The management has yet to release their final line-up.

Stay tuned to www.mineski.net for more details about your favorite team.

*Vash jokingly refers to the show big brother house.