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MPGL SEA Team Feature: Team Gse7en

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Richardson Jacinto


A team that every Burmese can be proud of. A big dream coming from a team whose birth was just inside a small cafe. But soon after that dream became a reality as  Gseven continued to carry their flags high in international events and this time, the team will be bearing their country's flag in the MPGL SEA!

Team Background

The team was founded by  Ko Lin, an owner of a cyber cafe in Myanmar way back 2009. He formed the team just to support the players at first but later on, that dream became big as improving the eSports scene in Myanmar. The team is composed of seven people during that time hence the name GSeven was born.

If you're a fan of DotA, you may have heard of the team already but the current roster of Gseven is not the same as before. Their current roster came from different other teams which can be considered as "Myanmar's finest". Today, only  Leo is the one left from the original roster.  Kenji and  Kalay entered the team in 2010 and by the late December, Gseven managed to win the their first local championship. After their first championship, Ko Lin decided to recruit another team,  Wave. This is where they've discovered the talent of  Showti.

Gseven debuted in the international DotA scene way back 2011 wherein they've represented their country in the ESTC 2011. They fell short against MG.Asus and Exterminator due to the "hero kill" rules (The organizers counted the hero kills and not the time consumed for the games). Gseven can be considered as the best Myanmar team but the team is really one of the underdogs when it comes to international competitions due to the fact , according to them, that eSports in Myanmar is the least blooming. But despite that, Gseven is here to prove that even all the odds are against them, they are still here to represent.


Kenji, the team's offlane, describes their gamestyle as unorthodox and aggressive. Who can forget about their Meepo+Tuskar+Venomancer combo that caught  Awake off-guard? Kenji also told us that they love aggressive pushing strats that's why they always pick Razor whenever they have a chance.

Team Members


 Min Htet "Kalay" Thu (Support)  

Kenji described Kalay as the one who does most of the job during early game. He's the one who initiates the ganks and roams around the map.


 Ye "Kenji" Htike (Offlane, Captain)

Kenji is the "safest" player on their team. Kenji is not the type who takes risk and farms the jungle alot compared to other offlane players. He calls himself "the bait" since he's the one who lures the enemies away.


 Aung Myat "ShowT" Soe (Carry)   

The most aggressive player among them. Despite his aggressive gameplay, he's the one who brightens up the mood of the team. Described as the joker of the team, ShowT never fails to crack everybody up with his jokes.


 Khant "Leo" Naing (Mid)

We can call Leo as the gambler or the risk-taker. He believes that in his position, the mid, it's either you gamble and win or be safe and still lose. He told us that he is often scolded by his teammates with how he takes risk. He is also described as the "loudest" among them. 


 Wai "Linger" Gyi (Support)  

Linger is the newest member of the team. According to Kenji, he's the most quiet among the team. But nonetheless, his personality doesn't affect his communication as Leo told us that he's good with his role despite his age.



  • ShowT is a forgetful lad. According to Leo, the team once ate outside and it was ShowT who locked the door but forgot to bring the keys. This resulted to the breaking the lock of their bootcamp.
  • ShowT is a deep sleeper. Kenji told us that you cannot wake up ShowT when he's asleep. How deep? ShowT won't wake up even with four phones alarming near his ears.
  • You need to kick ShowT for him to wake up.

Thoughts about coming here in the Philippines

This is the team's first time in the Philippines so they don't really know what to expect. But if incase, Leo believes that Philippines is a very beautiful place with a lot of gardens while Kenji wants to experience good traditional food. Hmmmm we think that we should add Balut on Kenji's list of what-to-eat in the Philippines.

Tournament Expectation

G7 thinks  Team Malaysia can win the whole thing due to the fact that Team Malaysia can play their game plan without failure. In the event that G7 would reach the finals, they said that they would like to face  Arcanys Gaming since they are friends with them and they often practiced together.


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