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Investigations regarding the "#322 scandal" have begun

Dexter Ancheta

In light of recent events, Mineski.net would like to bring to you the latest developments concerning the investigation of the "#322 scandal", the accusation towards both gaming teams of Mski-Dota and EvoGT. Conducting the investigation are the following parties: Mineski.net News/Editorial Team, MET, Mski-Dota team management, and EvoGT Management.

Earlier this morning, we've managed to get a word from Unicka Rivera, one of the first to post a screenshot regarding the scandal. She states that she suddenly received reports from multiple anonymous accounts (Matindi Ako, Pakito Imbestigador included) about alleged transactions between Michael Vallejos, Jonathan Radores, a player from EvoGT, and people related to Mski-Dota players.

So far all conversations reveal the following (linked conversations public at reddit):

Update 1: Another reddit post, by pubdemon, has revealed more screenshots of conversations among the accused.

Update 2: Responses so far from the involved

  • JAY: Claims that he was simply invited into a future team by Mr. Radores. Jay also questions the connection between the team he's being invited into and the match-fixing issue.
  • OLYMPIANS: The manager, Mr. Rodwin Sy Wang, has stated that they barely know Mr. Vallejos, and that their team was never featured in any international tournament that has been involved with betting.
  • FD: Their manager, Bryan, clarifies that they have totally no relation with Mr. Vallejos. They said they don't know the guy until now.

Update 3: Gaming team managements have decided regarding this matter

After talking with both managements, Yap "Kenchi" Chee Loong of Mski-Dota, and the general management of EvoGT, they will be placing players under preventive suspension until due process investigation is done. Kenchi has stated that the team management takes these matters seriously, thus both managements have decided that the players included in the preventive suspension will not be joining any online and offline tournaments until further notice.

The aforementioned players that will be placed under preventive suspension are:

  • Mark Anthony “Jacko” Soriano
  • Joven “jvn” Pancho
  • Richard “Paseo” Minowa
  • Jo “Jotan” Tan
  • Carlo “Chin” Rivera
  • Mark “Byb” Gavin
  • Denver “yNd” Miranda
  • Patrick “JyC” Pascua

With this development, Mski-Dota management has stated that the roster that will play at an upcoming Thailand championship event will be the remaining three players of the team and two stand-ins.

Update 4: A video has surfaced claiming that the conversation screenshots are not doctored.

Update 5: David 'GoDz' Parker of BeyondTheSummit has raised concern over the issue.

Reading about this PH/SEA matchfixing "ring" thats maybe been going on makes me sick to the stomach.. so destructive and toxic for the scene

— David GoDz Parker (@BTSGoDz) October 14, 2014

Update 6: TNC Cup has sanctioned suspended players

Source: tncgaming

Update 7: The committee has contacted Dota2Lounge.com to further investigate the allegations of match fixing. Steam ID's of the suspended players have also been obtained.

Update 8: The accused players were invited to clear things up and to explain their sides. Six of the accused have approached the investigating committee. Each have admitted their involvement with the two persons, Mr. Michael Vallejos and Mr. Jonathan Radores. Each have also declared their resignation from their respective teams and wants to extend their apologies to the Philippine Dota 2 community:

All guilty parties will be penalized accordingly after cross referencing the evidences presented to the committee and the statements of the accused.

Update 9: The two remaining involved players have come forward as well.


We at Mineski.net are still awaiting statements from the following accused:‚Äč

  • Mr. Michael Vallejos
  • Mr. Jonathan Radores

The matches in question are linked below:

September 25, 2014

September 26, 2014

September 27, 2014