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Check your favorite Dragon Nest Pros for this year’s MPGL Year-End awards!

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After Nine legs of hard work and dedication, it’s time for the players who has shown great efforts in their corresponding roles to be noticed with this year’s Mineski Pro-Gaming League Dragon Nest year-end awards!

•    50% League Performance
•    25% Facebook Votes (1Facebook Likes = 1 Vote)
•    25% Expert Panel Votes


All-Around MVP
•    Arvin Evangelista - Raviance
•    Robin Gonzales - Point Click Skill
•    Exequiel Genolos Posadas - Pioneers Davao
•    Norberto Ramos III - MSI-EvoGT1
•    Jasson Austria - MSI-EvoGT2

KOF Player
•    Rejie Pepito - Pioneers Davao
•    Joby Mercado - Point Click Skill
•    Gino Roscom Gonzales - MSI-EvoGT2
•    Kenin Beltran - Raviance
•    Meeko Elijah Ramos - MSI-EvoGT1

Round Player
•    Dan Vern Vernaiz - Team Acid
•    Cedric Maulit - Raviance
•    Herneth Russel Lu Bacani - Pioneers Davao
•    Mark Joseph Tisoy  - LWP
•    Rysher Magbanua - MSI-EvoGT1

Be sure to vote for your favorite players HERE. Winners will be announced in the upcoming MPGL Philippine final that is going to happen on ESGS (E-Sports and Gaming Summit) on November 15-16 at the SMX Convention center.