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Dragon Nest 6-9 recap: MSI-EvoGT DN teams switched and still claimed championships respectively

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September 14, 2014 – here’s what happened during the recently concluded MPGL Dragon Nest 6-9 last Sunday.


Last Leg’s champion “POINT CLICK SKILL” was stripped of their title this month as LWT( Long Way Trip) made a convincing performance making them MPGL Dragon Nest Techzilla Tarlac Champions.

Champion = LWT (Long Way Trip)

2nd = PCS (Point Click Skill)

3rd = Attendance



In a surprising appereance, MSI-EvoGT DN Team 1 dominated MI Dasma and won this leg’s Dasmarinas branch tournament. This is without the presence of their sister team, MSI-EvoGT DN Team 2.

Champion = MSI-EvoGT DN1

2nd =  Neo Exodia

3rd = Infinity



The champs retained their titles! MPGL 6-8 MI Cebu champions Team Acid, once again proved to be too much against their opposition down south as they manage to win another leg of MI Cebu DN tournament.

Champion = Team Acid

2nd =  QO3P

3rd = Ish Angels



Another Champions who retained their title, is Pioneers from MI Davao. Efforts coming from runner-up ADC came up short as the Champions gave them headache late in the game to claim the crown!

Champion = Pioneers

2nd =  ADC

3rd =  AP Team



Another MSI-EvoGT Team didn’t fail to get their crown given them playing on another battlegrounds, it is MSI DN team 2 which competed in MI Shaw instead of the usual place in Dasma. Igneel, the runner up in this leg went clueless to what they are up to now as MSI-EvoGT went berserk to win MPGL 6-9 MI Shaw Branch.

Champion = MSI-EvoGT DN2

2nd =  Igneel

3rd = Raviance


Girls Division

The rivalry continues in this leg of MPGL DN Girls Division as PCS (Point Chick Skill) and MPGL Beeches are back competing in the finals after a month. In this installment, PCS were the victor behind better teamwork and individual plays coming from their players.

Champion = PCS (Point Chicks Skill)

2nd = MPGL Beeches