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Mad.JpL completes finalists of Dragon Nest Alienware Arena Championship 2014

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Written by Abelnight

Sunday, May 25 -- The Dragon Nest Alienware Singapore qualifiers was settled between  12 teams who fought to secure the last spot in the Grand Finals. It was Westwood’s powerhouse team Mad.JpL that defeated team FFF in the finals despite being put in a heavy disadvantage in rounds.

Mad.JpL would meet Team FFF first in the winner bracket finals. Team FFF's FunaShot took on Mad's MizuEggu in the first match of the final Kill or Fall match. Even though FunaShot’s excelled in using Rising Storm, MizuEggu took advantage of his single mistake. After Funa used all of his evasive skills, Mizu caught him in an Inner fire and Gust Dementia plus Elegant Storm combo that lead to Mad’s first kill.

Feenixx, Team FFF's Elestra, beat Mizu but sustained significant damage in doing so. Going after Mizu was the Destroyer Orlezea, although he was caught in an ice combo that gave Feenixx a two round winning streak.

Mad had no room for error from that point. Their Elestra Etellrie finished Feenixx off, who was low on health, after putting him into a frozen state. The last match of the KoF was between IIAISII and Estellrie. It was an easy victory for the Estellrie sending Team FFF to the loser’s bracket.

Team FFF then went to face MissyBoss in the loser's bracket finals, where the winner will face Mad in the grand finals. In the opening round, Kanetaro was set to fight IIAISII. The match ended up in a draw and both players were eliminated.

FunaShot and Elestra Scarletier went in for the next round. Funa took down Scarlet through a combo lock after he cancelled Scarlet’s Elemental Shield.

Ending the loser's bracket was a mirror match between two acrobats FunaShot and Jotei, where FunaShot emerging as the victor.

And so FFF bounced back into the grand finals. Mad had a 1-win advantage in the series, thus they only needed to win a single set of the best-of-three matchup to win the qualifiers.

Mizu easily took down all three members of Team FFF in the first KoF. But Mad didn't have a Cleric on their team and expectedly lost the round stage.

In the second KoF match, Mizu again started for Mad and fought IIAISII. He easily took down IIAISII through a combo lock and was almost at full health at the end of the round.

Team FFF hoped to stop Mizu's streak by pitting FunaShot against him. But despite Funa winning the round, Mizu again did decent damage over the Acrobat. Orlezea pressed Mad's advantage by playing passively and draining Funa's MP that gave him the win.

Looking to counter Orlezea, Feenixx played next. Orlezea was not able to recover after he was caught in an Ice Sphere. Now only Feenixx and Estellie, the two Elestras, remain. It was Estellie who emerged victorious however, after catching Feenixx and locking him down with combos.

Mad.JpL will compete with SDD from Malaysia and MSI-EvoGT.DN1 from the Philippines in the grand finals of the Dragon Nest Alienware Arena Championships this June 7.