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3 Different Ways That Pro Players Dealt With Toxicity and Criticsm

Fame is difficult to handle.

Julius Tabios

Fame is difficult to handle. The saying rings true for the many pro players in the esports scene. The best players in the world have thousands of fans who follow them in social media. But sometimes these players just implode while others keep their heads down and use it as motivation to better themselves.

Let's look at how some players dealt with criticism and toxicity and rate how they handled the situation.

Total Implosion: Vasili

Vasilli, a former League of Legends pro from Chinese team Newbee, was arrested for domestic abuse towards his girlfriend. The charges were later dropped due to a lack of evidence.

Never mind the fact that he was actually live on stream while he was doing the despicable act. Vasilli was never considered as one of the best players and he is often met with criticism from fans and analysts alike.

He infamously rage-quit while his team was losing badly in a competitive match in 2016, so he has long been known to have anger issues.

While some fans would have hoped he could return to LoL after getting arrested in dramatic fashion, we can safely say his pro career is up in flames (and he deserves it).

0/10, the worst possible way to handle yourself in public eye.

Could Have Been Worse: Detective Hecka

UPDATE: Hecka confirmed that he no longer actually plays for Bren Esports.

International Clash Royale star Detective Hecka is a young player who has already accomplished much. However, last November when one of his opponents did a cry emote when he was losing a match, Hecka didn’t take it lying down. He went out of his way to look for the clan where the player was from. He then joined the clan, found out the leader was the one who taunted him, said some negative things to the clan then left.

This was despite the leader's attempts to say that it was all in good-natured fun and he still considered Hecka one of his idols.

Hecka has since gone quiet on social media, presumably to calm down and reassess his choices regarding the taunt. Hecka is still playing at the highest Clash Royale level under new Philippine team Bren Esports and the organization is prepared to help Hecka learn from the incident and to keep his emotions in check in future games. .

5/10, an opportunity to learn maturity the hard way.

Commendable Effort: Jeyo

Jeyo has had a lengthy career in professional Dota 2. From his early years with compLexity and Evil Geniuses, Jeyo has become more successful than many players can even hope to be. He recently parted ways with Thailand-based Clutch Gamers but he’s not done playing. Despite his solid resume, he continues to get flak from all over the Dota world for never being good enough. After parting with Rave, post their impressive run at the Dota Asia Championships 2015, he promised he'll be back.

Even after he returned playing at the highest level in big LANs, he still gets criticized left and right but that has never stopped him.

Jeyo has been with 12 teams over his five-year career. It won't be surprising if he finds a 13th one to call his team in the near future, but that’s just what you do when your love for the game far outweighs the public’s opinions. It would seem that for Jeyo, he’s going to keep chasing his dream no matter what.

Mixed reaction from those who support Jeyo and those who think he isn't good enough.

10/10, do it for the dream, not the haters..

Some fans keep forgetting the players are people too. They aren't machines without emotion. So the next time you want to bash a player, realize that they have put more practice and thought and criticism into their own work than you ever have. It’s that fact that they can stay professional in the face of criticism that they get to call themselves real athletes, and not just your average talented pubber.