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Assassin class and Guardian's Nest come to DN SEA

Christian Alan Vibar

The Assassin, the seventh class of Dragon Nest, has been released in the Southeast Asian servers today, March 18. Along with the new class comes the Guardian Nest, available in Solo and Normal modes.

According to Cherry Credits, publisher of Dragon Nest Southeast Asia, “The Assassin is a class based on strength and agility and conceals himself within the shadows to take his enemies’ lives unnoticed, using a scimitar or a crook.” The introduction of the Assassin expands the game’s storyline, which the players can discover by performing the updated main quests.

The Assassin’s arrival in the game also comes with its first upgrade path, the Chaser. The job is described as assassins who have inherited techniques from ancient times and use concealed shadow weapons to pursue and silently take down enemies. The Chaser branches to become either a Ripper, who focuses on physical ninja skills, or a Raven, who specializes in using hidden weapons to kill enemies.

Watch the official trailer of the Assassin class below.

The Assassin also introduces two new mechanics into the game: one is the stealth mechanism, which allows players to attack while hidden in sight; two is the charging mechanism, which allows the players to prolong a skill’s cool down to deal more damage the next time it is used.

A new dungeon, Guardian’s Nest, also comes with the update. The nest is located at the 8 o’clock direction in the Garden of Time and Space and is accessible to level 70 players. Crafting materials for the “Full Moon/New Moon” weapon and armor set are the expected rewards in the said dungeon. Only the Normal and Solo modes are available in the patch.

More information about the Assassin and the Guardian’s Nest can be found in this link