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70 Cap to Launch at Dragon Nest SEA on February

Christian Alan Vibar

Dragon Nest SEA and its executive producer, Addison Kang, had always been creative in releasing updates, especially major ones. Their method of ‘teasing’ the gamers and highlighting the Dragon Nest storyline more than any other game sparks interest and discussion – and the 70 cap is no different.

The first wave of announcements for 2014 started last December 27, 2013 in Kang’s Facebook page. Kang said that he has plans to release two major patches and one major event and an update that will run through January to March 2014. Although nothing concrete was revealed, players were convinced enough that the two major updates are the 70 cap and the Assassin job class.

Almost a month would pass without any update, until Kang posted a riddle last January 21. It read, “Decode, five words: AABCEEEEEFHILLNNPRRSTTUVVYY.” Players would answer the riddle, and after placing ordinal values in the letters, they would soon arrive at the statement, “Level Seventy Patch in February.” Kang did not say whether this is correct or not, but many are already convinced that the highly anticipated update is coming.

And just yesterday, Kang put assumptions to end by announcing D-Day70: Rise of Heroes. As the title suggests, it is a countdown to the 70 cap, which will come on February. Along with this announcement was a promotional video named Fall of Saint Haven, where it is revealed that the Black Dragon launches an attack at Saint Haven and leaves it in ruins.

Although Dragon Nest SEA remain to be cryptic in their announcements, the 70 cap is no secret. Korea and China had the 70 cap and the Assassin class introduced mid-2013, and it is highly likely that Dragon Nest SEA will feature similar content. Kang already made statement regarding this by introducing the Dragon Jade System that will replace the Suffix system. It is also perceived that the Assassin class will shortly follow and will be released on March, which may be the second major patch for the first quarter of 2014.

Some details regarding 70 cap and the Assassin class that were released on DN Korea.

Because of this massive content, players are conflicted to the 70 cap’s effect on game balance. The 60 cap was released May 2013, and in the following months, more dungeons had been released and suffix enhancements were updated as well. Notably, the Desert Dragon Nest was only released last September 2013.

Nonetheless, the 70 cap’s release is bound to happen. While it may mean that the players would have to adjust again, it shows that Dragon Nest SEA is keeping up with international servers. And having fresh content is always welcome in the MMO industry.