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Veneratio VI Reclaims the Dragon Nest MPGL Championship

Christian Alan Vibar

“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.”

This excerpt from the final book of the late Zig Ziglar, Born to Win, has been the spirit of Veneratio VI (V6) in the entire DN MPGL 5 series. Their confidence in one another and in the team has brought them to where they are today. And despite dropping into third placein the DN MPGL 5-8, V6 hit the coup de grace for this year’s Dragon Nest Mineski Pro Gaming League by once again coming out as champions. Their victory capped their year with almost a perfect record: 7 Championships in 8 tournaments – a feat that won’t be matched any time soon.

Coming into the tournament, V6 made changes to their lineup. Gino who handled the Barbarian was now in the Inquisitor post, and Oyie took charge of the team’s Destroyer. The team reverted to a much more traditional lineup for their 3v3 as well with their Tempest-Inquisitor-Destroyer combo.

This doesn’t mean though that the championship was just handed to Veneratio VI. Just like every other team, they had to fight through the branch stages and inter-branch stages to get to the playoffs. And waiting for them were teams that were hungry for a victory and Neo Exodia, a team that will never cease to fight no matter the situation. Couple that with uncontrollable factors such as lag and disconnection and you have a series of grueling matches that will push any team to the limit.

V6 took the MI Taft branch championship quickly, defeating xKonoha and Team Vortex respectively. Waiting for them in the Interbranch stage bracket B were DN MPGL 5-8 1st runner up Jspex, MI Shaw Champions Cut Into PCS, MI Cebu Champions Team Rama, and MI Davao Champions Pioneers. V6 ran away with the bracket with a perfect 4-0. Team Pioneers from Davao however put up a fight with them after their Saint managed to clinch a victory in the first KoF. But V6 showed more experience and poise in the succeeding rounds, defeating Pioneers 2-1. Cut Into PCS also had a strong showing in the bracket, bagging a 3-1 record and earning second place to qualify in the playoffs.

On the other side of the scale was Neo Exodia that already swept the competition with a 4-0 record. Taking second place in the bracket was MI Dasmarinas Champions Pink Hot Springs in their 3-1 run. Techzilla Tarlac Champions Attendance, MI CDO Champions Kael’ Devils, and MI Katipunan Champions Aw Hard competed the cast for this bracket.

In the playoffs, Veneratio VI met with Pink Hot Springs – a team that has been waiting for a moment to come far in the tournament. The efforts of Pink Hot Springs didn’t match V6 experience though, as they were quickly ousted 2-0 by the defending champs. Neo Exodia and Cut Into PCS had a closer match, but in the end, the defending champs won in the second KoF matchup.

Through it all, Neo Exodia and Veneratio VI faced in the finals. Both teams know that this matchup will seal their rivalry that permeated throughout the year. The first KoF match started into Veneratio VI’s favor when their Adept scored a two kill streak against Neo Exodia’s Elestra and Sniper.



Veneratio VI' Adept and Elestra raking kills for the team.

Neo Exodia responded with its own two kill streak on their Dark Summoner and a kill on its Barbarian, but V6 was so far ahead. V6’s destroyer finished the job to put them in the lead at 1-0.


Neo Exodia's Dark Summoner tries to bring his team back by having a winning streak of his own, but...


V6 was too far ahead.

Both teams were more cautious in their movements in the group stage. Veneratio VI and Neo Exodia had highly similar lineups, and they excelled in close-quarter combat. The first round ended in the draw, as both team tested the waters and had no real engagement.


The calm before the storm. Both teams were testing each other in the first round.

After a passive game, Veneratio VI earned their first win, and Neo Exodia earned theirs too. But Veneratio VI had more crowd control, speed, and stability. They had to problems rushing into Neo Exodia and landing their spells in unison. Even their Tempest kept on landing 2-man Hurricane Dances, which is otherwise considered a single target skill.


Veneratio VI rushed Neo Exodia to win the group stage.

A 2-0 lead didn’t hold Neo Exodia back. They emerged victorious in the first round of the 2nd KoF match, and had a 5-4 advantage over Veneratio VI. V6 Inquisitor tied the game and eventually grabbed the lead after scoring three consecutive kills. At this moment, Neo Exodia was down to their last two players, and their chances of a comeback were dwindling down quickly. V6 on the other hand didn’t want to stop the pressure and looked to their Elestra to finish the job.


Veneratio VI's Inquisitor played out of his mind to give his team the advantage.


Veneratio VI on their way to redemption.


Congratulations to Veneratio VI for winning the final DN MPGL for this season! Their fight is not yet over though, as they will be back at the Pinoy Gaming Festival, together with the top eight teams in the DN MPGL Season V.

The DN MPGL 5-9 Winners are:

1st Place: Veneratio VI
2nd Place: Neo Exodia
3rd Place: Cut Into PCS
4th Place: Pink Hot Springs