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"We're not going to let anyone just take our title," Says Neo Exodia's Team Captain

Christian Alan Vibar

I got a chance to talk to the captain of the team the best team in the DN MPGL today, Neo Exodia. Patrick Jayson Mongaya, known to many as Chok Chok has been playing video games since the olden days of DotA 1. Upon transitioning to Dragon Nest, they have been participating in the DN MPGL every month and came short almost every single time. It was only last month when they fulfilled their goal of becoming champions in the said tournament, and boy, it has been a journey.

Neo Exodia DN MPGL

Patrick was invited by his younger brother, Christian Joshua to play Dragon Nest. Only wanting to try the game, he soon found himself wanting it more until he decided to go pro. He had been playing the Academic class ever since, switching jobs but never classes.

Under Patrick's leadership, Neo Exodia earned the following accolades:

DN MPGL 5-2: 4th Place
DN MPGL 5-3: 6th Place
DN MPGL 5-4: 2nd Place
DN MPGL 5-5: 2nd Place
DN MPGL 5-7: 2nd Place
DN MPGL 5-8: 1st Place

Now, let's see what Patrick has to say about his team, their championship, and the DN MPGL!


KingJeremy: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! Let's begin by introducing your team to your readers. How did Neo Exodia come to be, and what's your history in the Dragon Nest GMPGL?

Patrick: When we started in the MPGL, we were so nervous because most of my team mates were just kids. But I was surprised when we reached 4th place. Back then, we went by the name of Helios Team Wrath, which we used until the third MPGL. We then switched to Neo Exodia when we fell into 6th place at the Cherry Convention at SM Megamall. It was also during that time that I decided to get the strongest players in Holywood and put them all under my team.

KingJeremy: Then I think it's only proper to introduce your team members, one by one.

Patrick: First is our Barbarian, Arlan Paulo Roa, also known as UBE|Mamaw. This guy is extremely popular in Holywood, and he is the strongest mercenary in our server. He joined our team because of his best friend Keen, who is the one that I talked to join our team originally. Keen plays as our Sniper and is the strongest one in Holywood as well. He can play against any class!

Neo Exodia Mineski DN MPGL

Left: Arlan Paulo Roa. Right: Keen Cuba

Our third member is my brother, Christian Joshua Mongaya, who plays as our Inquisitor. Even though he's a kid, I've seen that he's really excellent in playing DN. He was our Tempest back in our Helios Team Wrath days. The Guardian became weaker this patch, so we had to drop in from our lineup. Mark Lennin Alday was the one playing it, who was called by Urbandub as Matikas na Guardian ng Las Pinas. He can eliminate people in the KoF, and that demon is just 16 years old! Unfortunately, he didn't continue playing after the Guardian was nerfed, but I will bring him back to the team when the Assassin class comes out.

Neo Exodia Mineski DN MPGL

Patrick's brother, Christian.

Our Elestra is Allen Batiquin, and we chose him because he can put up a fight against other classes. And finally, our Dark Summoner, Sam Lavilla. Arlan recommended him to join our team because Sam can keep up with him in their sparring sessions.

Neo Exodia DN MPGL

Left: Allen Batiquin. Right: Sam Lavilla

KingJeremy: Let's go back your matches against Veneratio VI and Jspex. When I saw you play against V6, I noticed that you were much more confident than last month. How did you prepare to do just that?

Patrick: Just practice as much as you can, especially against our nemesis. For example, the Barbarian's nemesis is the Elestra. In short, counter. And of course, believe in yourself and in your team mates.

KingJeremy: Did you ever feel that you're going to win when you're playing them in the playoffs?

Patrick: No. We actually thought that we might lose. But when our Barbarian killed two, we started to feel stronger because he said, "Nagawa ko na ang trabaho ko, kayo naman." That's when we went beast mode.

KingJeremy: What about the finals match versus Jspex? Can you describe those moments to me?

Patrick: Yeah, the first round was very crucial, and in the second round, the 3v3, it was close too. Our Sniper Keen finished the job for us. It was the same with Veneratio VI because they are both strong teams. And before Jspex lost, in the Sniper vs Adept, we all jumped and scream at MI Katipunan because we knew that we already got the championship.

KingJeremy: You oftentimes fell short to V6 in the past. To that effect, what did you feel during those consecutive near-wins? Were there times that you felt like giving up?

Patrick: Of course we were feeling disappointed because we couldn't defeat V6. But instead of giving up, we became more determined to practice so that we can beat them one day.

KingJeremy: And now it's clear that your confidence is now solid as a rock. As the team's captain, how do you motivate your team?

Patrick: I set days to practice because some of us have jobs and some are studying.

KingJeremy: How often are you practicing?

Patrick: Not that often. Well, I'm asking when they are free so that everyone is there. But some are practicing on their own.

KingJeremy: How about in game time? What do you say to them?

Patrick: They can do it, and don't choke. And just believe in one another. Because when you put your team member down, he will lose focus on his game.

KingJeremy: When it comes to crucial moments, was there anyone you looked to carry the team to victory?

Patrick: If the fight is already crucial, we often rely on our Mercenary who is Arlan Paulo Roa because he's really good. We are all strong too because I put together all the strong players in the server of Holywood.

KingJeremy: I want to look into Neo Exodia's dynamics a bit further, if you don't mind. What do you think is your edge over other teams, and how instrumental was that edge in your win last month?

Patrick: Frienship. Because even though we lose, we don't blame each other. When we lose, we lose. And the other is our goal to defeat the champion. That's what we have in our team. The self-confidence that we can actually beat V6.

KingJeremy: How about outside Neo Exodia and Dragon Nest? How do you and your team members interact with one another?

Patrick: We are good friends outside of DN. We joke around and tease each other. Sometimes, we go out to get to know each other well. And sometimes after the fight, we go to Padis because it gives us strength. Neo Exodia = Padis boys!

KingJeremy: That could work as a team name! Seriously though, now that you are DN GMPGL's champions, how do you see the last DN GMPGL this coming Saturday?

Patrick: Truth be told, I have to idea on what will happen this coming GMPGL. But there's one thing for sure: we will give our best shot just to stand firm. We're in for a fight though because V6 is still there, who will do everything to reclaim the spot that we have now. And we're not going to let anyone just take our title.

KingJeremy: We all know that the PGF and MPGL Grand Finals are coming closer, how is Neo Exodia anticipating the said tournaments? Are there any preparations already going on?

Patrick: Yes, we're actually preparing for the incoming PGF, and it is actually the reason for us to improve as much as possible. 8 strong teams will fight in that tournament and there's no sure winner.

KingJeremy: And you can think of the MPGL as a pre-match of the PGF.

Patrick: Yep.

KingJeremy: Here's what I've been wanting to ask for some time now. I think we can both agree that many are saying that Veneratio VI can't lose to anyone, but you guys are the proof that it is totally wrong. What can you say to those teams that are hesitant to participate in tournaments like the MPGL?

Patrick: For those teams that are making second thoughts to join MPGL, don't lose hope. We all can improve ourselves by practicing well every day. Know the enemy's weaknesses and know what you can do to counter them. What I can only say is that practice is the magic word to make the impossible posible.

KingJeremy: Thank you so much, and I wish Neo Exodia the best of luck! Any shout-outs you wanna give?

Patrick: Shout outs to Sam Lavilla, our DS in our team for giving us girls in Padis. Shout out to our buddies in Holywood, Gin San Miguel, WYRTH, and Alvin Tan. I also want to give a shout out to the head marshal of the DN MPGL Ko Jack because he's the one who urged us to join DN GMPGL. Shout out also to my friends Wilson, Kenneth, Bikoy, Jabong, Adey, Negro, RC, Carlo, and the Tropang Chickser here. And last but not the least, to my beloved Dhin Chico who always watched my matches in the live stream!

Neo Exodia's zeal to keep the championship in their turf will make the DN MPGL 5-9 this Saturday tough for others. But just like what Patrick said, the impossible can always turn possible. You can start that by participating in the final DN MPGL for this year!