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Dragon Nest Patch: 8 Man-Nest

Nikko Pangilinan

New Dungeons plus 8-man Nest: Desert Dragon Nest in tomorrows patch.

Tomorrow Sept. 03, 2013, starting 05:00(GMT+8) the game service will be unavailable until 15:00(GMT+8). Players are recommended to log out their account before the said time to avoid any item loss.

Here are the content of the updates:



1. New 8-man nest: Desert Dragon Nest

2. New Dungeons, for material 'Pacultas's Mutant III':


  • Tel Rosa City
  • Arnute Canyon
  • Occupied Ancient Temple

3. Level 60 Epic Suffix III

4. Costume Synthesis System

5. New BGM for Saint Haven: Day of Destiny (Written & Composed by Erutan)

6. System Events:

  • 2nd Anniversary Login Event

Cash Shop

  • Limited Edition School Uniform Set, comes with 7pc Set Bonus Costume Skill “Irine’s Love Virus”
  • Costume Synthesis Device



  • Desert Dragon Login Screen
  • HOT costume preview updated

Balancing (with effect from 13th August 2013):

  • (PVP/PVE) Stun Defence Power doubled
  • (PVP) Kali HP decrease by 20%
  • Gladiator and Moonlord class Physical Defence increase by 20% (Colosseum, Guild War)

Cash Shop:

  • Removal of Summer Bikini costumes
  • End of 2nd Anniversary Cash Shop Sales

Altea’s Gacha-Box Update:

  • Limited Edition Rare Grade Dark Gray School Bag Wing
  • Magical Design Synthesis Device



  • Temple Knight Tresor name is being displayed as M:1000051694.
  • DWC malfunction for rooms with COMP ON fixed
  • Healing Relic EX heal amount fixed
  • Auto-block, Parry and Evade abnormal activation rate fixed

[Manual Patch Version 103 to 104]

  • Manual Patch will be available during service downtime


Source : DN.cherrycredits.com