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GMPGL 5-8 Class A Dota2 Live updates

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Chino Capili

Starting Team: Random
Fill empty slots with bots: No
Enable cheats: No
Game version: Tournament
Single Eliminations First round

Teams located in the upper side of the bracket gets to pick side.

In Best-of-Three's, sides are switched in the second game and the third game.

Any lobby hosts not following the above settings should be reported to an admin.


Call time is 12:00pm to 12:45pm.

Please be online and ready at your respective chat channels indicated below.
Present your team names in your steam profile names to make it easy for your opponents to contact you.

Bracket A
Channel: GMPGL A

 Bracket B
Channel: GMPGL B

Bracket C
Channel: GMPGL C

Bracket D
Channel: GMPGL D

Bracket E
Channel: GMPGL E 

Bracket F
Channel: GMPGL F

Bracket G
Channel: GMPGL G

Bracket H
Channel: GMPGL H

Bracket I
Channel: GMPGL I

Bracket J
Channel: GMPGL J

 Bracket K
Channel: GMPGL K