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GMPGL League of Legends Class S System Unveiled!

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Richardson Jacinto


Class A Update:

Here's the prize breakdown for the Mindanao Qualifiers

Mindanao Qualifiers (CDO)


Rank Prize
Champion P3,000 + Class S promotion
2nd Place IP Boost
3rd Place IP Boost


The Return of the ORIGINAL

Fans will remember that Mineski was the first to give out ballers to our participants. We've decided to bring it back! Yes you've read it right. ALL PARTICIPANTS of GMPGL 5-7 League of Legends will receive the newest design of the Mineski Baller!



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Class S

As posted on our previous article, GMPGL LoL will now have their Class A and Class S teams.

Top 6 based on GMPGL LoL League Points will be the first Class S on this leg namely:



(111 points)


(104 points)


(52 points)


(37 points)


(33 points)


(32 points)


These 6 teams of summoners will be joined by the Visayas and Mindanao Champions of this leg.

NOTE: The bottom 2 of the Class S teams will be demoted and will be replaced by the top 2 of the Class A 2nd day bracket.

Class S Format:

Same as the Class S of DotA, The 8 Class S teams will be grouped into 2 groups of 4. Groups will follow this distribution:



The top 2 teams of each group will move on to the Semi-Finals where they will be facing their respective opponent based on their ranking on the group stage:

A1 v B2

B1 v A2


Winners of the match-ups will play in a Best-of-3 Grand Finals. On the other hand, losers of the match-ups will have a Best-of-3 battle for third place match.

 Prizes Breakdown

Ofcourse we'll also change the prizes distribution. We've changed the system so that more people can receive prizes.

Here's the new distribution:

Class S

Rank Prizes
Champion P12,000
2nd Place P6,000
3rd Place P4,000
4th Place P2,000
3rd Placer of Group A P1,500 + Demoted to Class A
3rd Placer of Group B P1,500 + Demoted to Class A
Last Placer of Group A Demoted to Class A
Last Placer of Group B Demoted to Class A





Pacific.Eagles and Mineski.LoL.Razer are the current top pointers but they will not be part of the computation as they already have a slots at the Qualifiers. So, One of the remaining 6 Class S teams will take the spot!

The top pointer after this leg will have the spot at the SEASON 3 National Qualifiers! GMPGL LoL is now more exciting!

Free Ballers for all participants + Spot at the SEASON 3 National Qualifiers + New Prize distribution

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Lon and TryQ to stream GMPGL LoL.


This the moment you've been waiting for. The most explosive shoutcasting duo in the Phillippines will stream the games of GMPGL LoL.

We've been waiting for the observer mode for quite a while and though they're very eager to stream the GMPGL LOL, the 2 can't stream because there's still no observer mode.

But no one can stop them now. We've made a way to stream the GMPGL despite the lack of the observer mode! Now fans can watch at home the thrilling games of the squads of summoners.

Grab you popcorns and sit back!