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Break's Over: Raging-_-Potato Returns to Mski-Dota's Starting Lineup

Mski, TNC, XctN all locked in!

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The Philippines' most explosive player (for better or for worse)is back after a not-so-long hiatus.

Less than a month after taking an indefinite leave from Mineski-Dota, Ryan Jay 'Raging-_-Potato' Qui looks ready to continue his grind to the Aegis. Amidst all the hype, drama, and press releases being blasted left and right, the firebrand playmaker unceremeniously enlisted himself beck into his team's starting lineup yesterday.

However, the team's manager Yamyam Yui has clarified with Mineski.net that while Jay is returning earlier than expected, he is still undertaking a series of checkups with his doctor.

Three of his teammates, namely RR, ninjaboogie, and Julz had already locked on into the roster when Jay made his move, shortly followed by the team's other ace, Meracle, meaning the team will be maintaining their original post-TI6 roster as they embark on the #RoadToKiev.

With that, PH Dota's big 3 of Mski,TNC Pro Team and Execration are all set to once more lead the country's bid at finally taking home a premier international LAN in the upcoming months.


  • Ryan Jay 'Bimbo' Qui
  • Galvin Kang 'Meracle' Jian Wen
  • Ralph Richard 'RR' Penano
  • Julius 'Julz' De Leon
  • Michael 'ninjaboogie' Ross Jr.

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