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Mineski-Dota to join Execration and TNC in StarLadder i-League SEA Qualifiers

Will they be joining as 9th team or replacing another one?

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After a weekend of drama, Mineski-Dota have finally secured their spot in the upcoming Southeast Asia qualifiers for Starladder i-League.

It was last Friday when the team's manager Yamyam Yui took to social media addressing the community's questions as to why Mineski-Dota was not among the initial list of teams invited to the regional qualifier, despite initially being asked by tournament admins about their roster way back in December of 2016.

According to her post, tournament admins' lack of response to her queries as to whether or not they be invited disallowed her team from participating in the open qualifiers.

However, just a few moments ago, she received confirmation from admins that they will now be playing in the tournament, which opens on the 16th of January, this coming Monday. It remains to be seen whether or not Mineski-Dota will be playing as a 9th team, or if they will be replacing one of the original invites, especially with Fnatic recently parting ways with Yamateh and Inyourdream, leaving the MY-based squad with only three active players.

Source -- Yamyam Yui