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The Reverse Korean Exodus: LPL Teams Focus on Homegrown Talent for 2017 Season

The Road Back to the Worlds Final

Carmelo Joseph III Favie

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The League of Legends Pro League went from being a consistent Worlds finalist, to struggling to make it into the international top 4. EDward Gaming went into Worlds as one of the two tournament favorites, but dropped out of the event after being knocked out of the Quarterfinals, like Royal Never Give Up. The LPL team games we witnessed at Worlds were a far cry from their exciting matches in their local LPL region.

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The region in general has experienced a major shift with regards to their team rosters. Many of the strong Korean players have opted to return to the LCK, leaving LPL teams to focus more on their homegrown talent.

Only I May retained their lineup from the recently concluded World Championship. RNG and EDG suffered strong losses to their lineup, including the disbanding of the golden bottom lane duo of Uzi and Mata. The 2017 LPL Season kicks off tomorrow with IM and RNG facing off in the very first best-of-three matchup. Stick with us here at Mineski.net for all the LPL updates.