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Eyyou to Lead HappyFeet Comeback

Yaj and Pason announced as his teammates

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This coming January, it's not just one of the Philippines' most iconic esports teams making a comeback.

After a disappointing run with Fnatic in Malaysia, 2015 breakout captain and TI6 top 8 placer Nico 'Eyyou' Barcelon is back in the Philippines, all set to try his hand at returning to Valve's big stages next year. His next chapter? To take charge of the upcoming HappyFeet revival.

HF, or the Penguins as their fans used to call them, was easily the country's most dominant team back in WC3 DotA's heyday. Older players and fans will remember HF's reign of terror on the local competitive scene, as they gathered MPGL championships one after another back when the league was just a monthly weekender along Taft. Some of today's more prominent names in PH Esports such as Mineski-Dota's Julz, raging-_-potato (or Bimbo as he was known then), RR, as well as Execration's Owa all started their rise to stardom under HF.

Perhaps it is only fitting that it is Eyyou who has been tasked to lead HF's comeback, after all, he spent an extended period of time before his TNC days under the tutelage of Wootz, HF's longtime captain who, at his prime, was considered as the best captain in the country, rivaled only by Kim0.

Just like at the start of 2015, when Eyyou set the foundations for the current TNC Pro Team era, he once more looks to lead a ragtag group of players to becoming consistent threats to the title of the Philippines and Southeast Asia's best team.

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So for, two of his teammates have been unveiled. There is Jayjay 'yAj' Garan, a former up and comer who was touted to the the future of the offlane position before finding himself in the middle tier limbo, unable to live up to the hype he was burdened with too early in his career. Now, he looks to be the new Sam H, hoping to finally showcase his talent under Eyyou's guidance.

Joining Eyyou and yAj is Jason 'Pason' Henoquin, a promising carry player who mostly flew under the radar the past year, mostly due to being teammates with a star like Karl/GoodBoy during his stay with s1 Lykos.

Will this new team live up to the legacy set by the team whose banner and mascot they are now to adopt? Right now, it is too early to tell, especially with their two remaining teammates still yet to be announced. But if anything, Eyyou has shown himself to be more than capable of starting an empire from scratch. 2017 is looking more and more exciting.

HappyFeet Roster

  • Nico 'Eyyou' Barcelon (c)
  • Jayjay 'yAj' Garan
  • Jason 'Pason' Henoquin
  • TBA
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More on this as the story develops.

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