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Top 5 Must See Games from the Boston Major

From VP's improbable comeback to AF's ninja moves

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The Boston Major showcased competitive Dota in all its glory, with individual players and teams alike stepping up in the war for the last Major title of 2016. Some of the best games we've seen all year took place in Boston the past week and a half.

Unfortunately for most Filipino fan, the Major's schedule was a rather difficult one to manage, with each day's first match opening at 11PM here in the Philippines, leading to a lot of missed games, especially during the middle of the week, with school or work happening the day after.

So for everyone who happened to sleep through the action, here's what we consider to be the top 5 must-see games from Boston!


Group Stage – Wings Gaming vs WarriorsGaming.Unity

Aside from winning the 2016 International Dota 2 Championships, Wings Gaming are mostly known for their unpredictable playstyle and unorthodox drafts. So what happens when they take on Southeast Asian Dota's chaos? Epicness ensues.

With a Pugna response to NaNa's signature Tinker and no true hard-carry in sight, Wings fashion a high-octane game that will leave you on the edge of your seat.


Group Stage – Evil Geniuses vs compLexity Gaming

For a night in the group stages, we all thought that it was compLexity Gaming's time to take the NA Dota crown as their own, winning two separate bo3's against reigning kings Evil Geniuses. A large part of that is thanks to zFreek's pristine Rubick play in this featured game, in which he runs circles around the star-studded lineup in blue, abusing the Grand Magus' near-instant cast points.

Oh, and next time a friend of yours chooses to go for stats instead of Rubick's Null Field bonus, tell them to watch this game.


Group Stage – Virtus.Pro vs Newbee


Coming from three straight dominant wins to open their Major campaign – including the game vs Newbee just before this – the much-vaunted VP squad find themselves uncharacterstically outgunned by their Chinese foes in the firs half of the game, having only a third of their opponents' kills by the half-hour mark.

But just when you think they're about to suffer their first loss, the pride of CIS fight back with a decisive split-push play by RAMZES666 and LiL (Drow and Io), who somehow rax Newbee before the latter could do so despite facing only three heroes in the other side of the map.

A must watch for players who need ideas on how to mount a comeback.


Round of 16 – Team NP vs EHOME

Their run may have been short-lived, but at least EternaLEnVy's Team NP left us with this gem of a play.

But even beyond that wipe outside of Roshan's pit, this game showcases just how beautiful a perfect teamfight draft can be when executed at the highest level. NP pull out some of the most magnificent teamfights in the 35-minute span of the series-decider, making you want nothing more but to call your friends for some good ol' fashioned 5v5 fiesta.

Oh, and it also features a pretty sweet courier snipe by EE-sama himself during the laning phase.


Finals – Ad Finem vs OG

Down but not out. After falling behind 2-0 to OG, the Ad Finem boys attempt to mount a comeback to extend their Cinderella run in Boston, which leads to what easily is the best game of the tournament, with players from both sides stepping up at the clutchest of moments.

In case you've seen videos of the game's epic final moments, trust us, the rest of the game's just as exciting. And if you haven't, well, watch the game first to build up the tension.