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2015 DN MPGL Kings to be crowned at ESGS

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Another season of the Mineski-Pro Gaming League for Dragon Nest is about to hit the history books, with the grand finale set to take place this coming weekend, October 24-25, as part of the E-Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS), the biggest gaming event in the country for the year.

With a year's worth of action behind us, the time has come for a new king to be crowned. Eight of the best teams that have proven themselves time and again throughout the season will gather at the SM Convention Center in order to settle the question of who the best of the best really is, for the year of 2015. With pride, glory, and a whopping 64,000 Php prize pool on the line, this is set to be the most competitive DN event in MPGL history.

Mineski.net has taken the leisure of dividing the elite eight to tiers, to help everyone and anyone who wants to watch the action unfold live understand who is who in this final hour of DN action.


Team Potato

Having won four of the six legs scattered throughout the year, and composed primarily of players from last season's champions MSIEvoGT-1, Team Potato is the team to beat this weekend. Led by the Ramos brothers, this team from Bulacan go into ESGS as the favorites, and anything less than a championship finish should, and will be, considered as a disappointment.


Team F

Team F is the only other team to have claimed a DN MPGL title this year, effectively finishing on top of the two legs that Team Potato were not able to, including a thrilling head-to-head matchup in the finals of the very first leg. As it stands, this team appears to have been built to challenge the tyrants from Bulacan, as most of their players come from the MSIEvoGT-2 team that faced their sister team in the grand finals last year, also at ESGS.


The surprise team of the season, Raviance started the year slow before eventually making themselves known to the community by knocking Team Potato out of the fifth leg, back when the latter looked nigh unstoppable given they had won the last three legs in dominating fashion. The month after, they dismantled Team F in the semifinals, before eventually losing to a drawn-out bo5 against Team Potato in the final leg of the season. Getting better and better at each subsequent showing, Raviance entere ESGS with a lot of momentum on their side, hungry to finally claim the gold finish that has eluded them for so long.


Point Click Skill, Pioneers, VengeanceX, Pic-A, Waka2x

clockwise, from top left: PCS, Waka2x, Pioneers, Pic-A | not shown: VengeanceX

Outside of the three teams highlighted above, none of the remaining teams have even touched the finals in any of the previous legs. Given their collective history, they'll be hard pressed to launch a deep campaign this coming weekend. Which is what makes their entry into the finals so much more exciting to follow. With the season almost at its end, these five teams will be eager to finally claim their spot in the limelight, and will no doubt be packing a ton of surprises to better their chances of making a run for the podium.

This is why the games are played out: because if history has shown us anything, it's that the unlikeliest of heroes often rise to the occasion at the last possible moment.