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FullTilt will now be sponsored by Dotabeyond!

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Richardson Jacinto

It was always a pleasure seeing organizations seeing the potential of pinoy gamers. With this, We congratulate FullTilt as they are now picked-up by a new sponsor.

First off, After almost a month since TNC Gaming released them, Former FullTilt members VonKristoffer "BonjourLei" Udarbe , Adrian "Tushey" Edelo , Ace "acelito" Baksal, Aeron Patrick "eron" Sta. Ana together with former Dreamz member Lloyd "LA" Alfred Bolos was picked up by Dotabeyond, International eSports organization.

"Make way for the Spartans"

According to the post of the Dotabeyond management, It was always been their vision to help the DOTA 2 Community in South-East Asia. Therefore they've kept looking for players who has the dream and they were there to keep those dreams alive. With that they've picked up FullTilt, whose after a stellar performance during the last GMPGL, will now play as Dotabeyond Spartans.


Here's some statements from the manager and the captain of the Spartans:


Jake ‘June’ Toh (Team Manager):

I hope they won’t flame each other and that they get along really good with each other. And in every big tourney, I hope they win at least 2nd place so that DotaBeyond would have funding. I’m serious. No kidding.

Note: Jake was team manager for SIN gaming’s North America team before they disbanded.

VonKristoffer ‘BonjourLei’ Udarbe (Team Captain):

Hi, We are team DotaBeyond Spartans former team Fulltilt/ex-tnc. First we would like to thank DotaBeyond for giving us this opportunity to show our talents again. I think our team is indeed good. Like this last MPGL, we ranked 2nd. That's the time that teams in PH were shuffled. We just need to train more and make everything well. We plan to join every tournament, in LAN and online. We cannot promise that we're always on top. But rest assured that we will give our very best in every game.


Meanwhile on the South, The Cebu's superstar, Mike "ninjaboogie" Ross has found a new team on his hometown. After leaving Neolution.Int, ninjaboogie decided to play with his old friends and formed a new team called "Juanquera". Juanquera, composed of former Gangster.BLAQUE captain, Heinrich, Another Cebuano superstar, Nivram, Sydney, Delbert and Ninjaboogie, placed 6th on the last GMPGL.


Stay tuned to mineski.net for more news about the fast-changing eSports scene in the country!


Editor's Note: I've deleted the article about ninjaboogie playing for Junquera. He said that it's only a one-time gig and he's still not playing for any team. I apologize for misunderstanding Junquera's captain's words