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Dreamz.Ledion.SteelSeries kicked Julz out of their roster

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Richardson Jacinto

Since last week, the Local DOTA 2 scene has gone through a whirlwind of events. Team were changing players here and there, teams are disbanding as well as players have been leaving the teams. We thought that's it's already over but just minutes before writing this article another bomb exploded and shook the PH DOTA 2 scene.




TRANSLATION: It's already Official, I'm no longer a part of Dreamz. I was booted out of the team. Thank you to Dreamz Family/Ledion Family. ^____^ I hope i can find a new team <3 GL to all ph team

According to the wallpost by Julz himself, he stated that he was kicked out of the team. Speculations are arising from the community that it's about the bad performance of the team on their recent run on the The International 3 but the real reason for kicking julz out is still unknown and we're still contacting Dreamz' management for further details about the issue.


Justin "BigDogJ" Almeida, Manager of Dreamz, decided to keep his silence about the said issue. He stated on his personal facebook account that "He will not release any statements about what happened to his team cause he don't want to ruin PH e sports "



Drmz.Ledion.SteelSeries Owey will also leave Dreamz


BigDogJ also left a parting statement to another player of Dreamz. It looks like their main carry, Joshua "Owey" Dela Cruz will also be leaving the team due to personal reasons.

"To Dreamz Ledion SteelSeries Owey. I would just want to thank you for all the memories we had during our 3 1/2 year journey. Through all the problems and hurdles we still accomplished a lot. All the championships we have will always be there and no one can take that away. Now you are entering a different kind of journey i hope you will take what i tried to teach you specially our winning mentality to school and wahtever you do in the future. When you became my player you were just a kid now your a man now act like one and always know you will always be a part of Dreamz family and i will be here if you need me....... Big Dog J"


As of 11:52PM June 3,2013


Drmz.Ledion.SteelSeries JyC will also be leaving Dreamz

In his personal facebook page, Patrick "JyC" Pascua posted that he has also left his team, Dreamz.Ledion.SteelSeries. 




Dreamz' GMPGL DOTA 2 CLASS S status maybe revoked.

After being left with only just 2 players from their original roster, Dreamz.Ledion.SteelSeries' GMPGL Class S status maybe revoked.

According to the GMPGL's organizing body "Mineski Pro-Gaming League, since its inception, rules that a team is considered disbanded or is now a new team when it fails to retain at least its three members"

Although it's almost sure as it is on Dreamz' case, We're still waiting for the official statement and ruling of the GMPGL Commissioner, Mr.Marlon Marcelo.

The future of the Dreamz.Ledion.SteelSeries is still blur at the moment, Stay tuned to mineski.net for more updates about Dreamz.



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