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Shuffle of PH Dota 2 teams imminent

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Richardson Jacinto

The International 3 qualifiers are over and since then the DOTA 2 scene in the  country will never be the same as before. Changes are inevitable as the old saying goes and here are the recent changes in the DOTA 2 scene.


Former TNC.DotA2 squad is performing well recently. What will their future hold?

Ex-TNC.Dota2 still no sponsor

Just recently, TNC has announced that they were no longer supporting a Dota 2 squad. The team remains with no sponsor nor news about the team remaining together. Veteran players, DoA and Doc, as well as the rest of the team Aeron, Tushey and Bonjourlei are still free agents.



The badboys are back! After supsension what will they do?

NeSC Ban lifted from Kimo and Ewe

After NeSC banned them for 3 months, Kimo and Ewe are now eligible to join NeSC tournaments again. Despite this, there has been no announcements whether the two will continue playing under Execration or form new teams.


Yani out. RR returns to Mineski.

With 3 members of the 5 old Mineski roster (2011) returning, can they rise up to the international challenge?

To confirm the circulating rumors, it's official that Yani is out of the Mineski's roster and one of the former players will be back under the banner. The rumors started to circulate when the Mineski squad registered on a local tournament with RR on their lineup. Mineski-DOTA's manager Mr. Kenchi Yap confirmed that it's already official and RR already signed a contract with the team. He bid Yani goodluck on his future endeavour and is thanking him for everything he did for the team.


Owey Out. Yani to Dreamz?

Fans will remember that Yani used to play for Dreamz. Now that he has left Mineski, speculations of his return to Dreamz have risen. This circulated the dota scene when Julz, captain of Dreamz, registered on a local tournament and put TBA on the 5th slot. Owey is nowhere to found on the list. Buzzes are going around that Yani will be replacing Owey on Dreamz' rosters but nothing is confirmed yet.

UPDATE: As of 8:50 pm Big Dog denied that Owey is out of Dreamz. Yani is still a free-agent and no confirmation from Dreamz management to change any players

A lot of things happened in just a few days. Whatever changes may happen, we just wish all teams and players goodluck on their new endeavours. We wish for the best of PH DOTA 2 scene.