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TNC releases Dota, Dota 2 and LoL squads

Dexter Ancheta

In a sudden turn of events, TNC Gaming has announced that it has released their Dota, Dota 2 and League of Legends squads. The organization's reasoning behind the decision was to "avoid potential issues" within TNC Gaming as the said teams were competing in their home-grown esports league, the MSI-TNC Gaming Cup.

"We wish the team and the players well in their new endeavors both in the league of eSports and in other career, we've watched them grow, for now, we have to let them go." -TNC Gaming


The biggest loss that could possibly come out of this is their former Dota 2 squad which consisted of prominent players such as Angelo "Doc" Docosin and PJ "DoA" Bondal who are now all free agents in the Philippine Dota 2 scene. News if the teams are to disband or remain together is yet to be known.