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Dreamz is the GMPGL 5-4 DOTA 2 Champions

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Richardson Jacinto

Dreamz.Ledion.SteelSeries resurfaced in the GMPGL DOTA 2 Class S map and they have come back with a bang!

It's been a while since Dreamz.Ledion.SteelSeries last stepped into the Class S Division. Having been eliminated in the first-ever GMPGL DOTA 2, The GMPGL Season 4 DOTA Grand Champion since then has had a hard time getting back to the top division. However, last Sunday April 14, Dreamz.Ledion.SteelSeries reigned supreme as they claimed their first-ever GMPGL DOTA 2 Championship.

Class A

Dreamz first clawed their way up the Class A division in where they bested 127 other Class A DOTA teams. Facing their brother team on their first match, Dreamz literally ravaged through their brackets up to the finals. At the finals, they faced another former DOTA Class S team, The SMM 2013 Grand Champion, Pacific.Badburn. Dreamz great teamplay and picks proved too strong for Pacific. Dreamz was crowned the Class A champion.


Class S

Eventually, Pacific.Badburn and Dreamz.Ledion.SteelSeries manage to claim their slots in the Class S Play-offs. The rest of the teams being: Mineski-Razer, Mineski Las Piñas SPERATUS, GANGSTER.BLAQUE, MSIEvoGT.TNC and TNC Gaming.

Dreamz' winning streak was stopped by TNC Gaming when the latter defeated Dreamz in a 2-0 series, sending Dreamz at the Loser's bracket.

TNC then faced the defending champion, Mineski-Razer. However, Due to conflict in another tournament's match, Mineski was forced to forfeit their first match against TNC. Mineski-Razer managed to win against TNC in  game 2 but had to forfeit again to play their online tournament. TNC moved on to the finals after a 2-1 win against Mineski-Razer.

At the loser's bracket finals, Dreamz faced MSIEvoGT.TNC. Julz again showed a stellar performance using his weaver play. Julz and the gang won over MSIEvoGT.TNC with a close series of 2-1. 

Dreamz entered their match against TNC Gaming with a +1 disadvantage thanks to TNC's unstoppable run in the winner's bracket. However, Dreamz showed that they can still fight the best even with the loser's bracket disadvantage by winning over TNC in a daring 3-2 series and claiming the champion title for GMPGL DOTA 2 5-4



Place Team Prize
Champion Dreamz.Ledion.SteelSeries P5000
2nd TNC Gaming P3000
3rd Mineski-Razer P2000
4th MSIEvoGT.TNC P1000
5th-6th Mineski Las Piñas SPERATUS $25
7th-8th Execration (Demoted to Class A) $25
7th-8th Pacific.Badburn (Demoted to Class A) $25


You can view the brackets here