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Mineski-LoL Prevents Pacific.Eagles for a Historic Three-peat

Wilson Astorga

This leg of the Gigabyte™ Mineski Pro-Gaming LoL Tournament is definitely a tournament to remember. With 60 plus teams from all over the Philippines came and competed for the most coveted crown of being named as the Top League of Legends Team in the country, only one team stood out among all others to grab the title. Here’s a quick recap of what happened during the most awaited League of Legends Tournament in the Philippines.

(Fans and Players alike flocked Mineski.Infinity Taft During The GMPGL.LoL Tournament)

Pacific.Eagle’s championship streak ends in the hands of Mineski-LoL.

After the group stage matches in Mineski Infinity Taft, Cebu, and Cagayan De Oro came to an end, only eight (8) teams - namely Pacific.Eagles, MadPros (CDO), TNC.Sync, MSIEvoGT.LoL, Mild, Mineski-LoL, Powerhouse, and OTOG (Cebu) managed to overcome their own grueling fights. One single-elimination match after the other, the Top 4 picture became complete to determine the best-of-the-best out there. Current champions Pacific.Eagles, top contenders in the form of MSIEvoGT.LoL and Mineski-LoL, and Powerhouse were the remaining teams that continued to vie for the crown.

The Single Elimination format for the Top 4 teams continued and showed no signs of stopping from then on. But Pacific.Eagles and Mineski-LoL proved to be more determined than Powerhouse and MSIEvoGT.LoL during their respective match-ups, and everyone who remained in M.I. Taft were very excited to see a re-match between the two top-tier teams.

(Pacific.Eagles fell short in against Mineski-LeagueOfLegends during the BO3 finals)

It was a sight to see as both Pacific.Eagles and Mineski-LoL prepared for their best-of-three finals match. With a will to overcome their slump during the last legs, Mineski-LoL managed to grab an early lead against the Eagles, that made them closer to their first-ever championship title. But the Eagles had other things in mind during the second game as they’ve picked a balanced line-up of Nassus, Volibear, Syndra, Leona, and Varus. Mineski.LoL, on the other-hand, picked an almost mix of heroes in the form of Mundo, Ezreal, Kayle, Fizz, and Taric. Everyone who watched their match was hooked from start to end, regardless of the duration of the whole event. As both teams showed everything that they can, especially the Eagles for them to grab a historic three-peat title, Mineski-LoL outlasted the match and making the championship streak of the eagles come to an end.


(Mineski-LeagueOfLegends winning their first ever title after two legs)

MSIEvoGT.LoL, on the other hand, won against Powerhouse to grab the third spot.

Tournament Standings:

 1st   Mineski.LoL  20,000 PhP 
 2nd   Pacific.Eagles  10,000
 3rd   MSIevoGT.LoL  5,000 PhP
 4th   Powerhouse  3,000 PhP
 5th   Madpros (CDO)  1,500 PhP
 6th   MILD  1,500 PhP
 7th   TNC.Synchronized  1,500 PhP
 8th   OTOG in lieu of Toasted Tyrants (Cebu)   1,500 PhP

Can Mineski-LoL defend the title that they’ve worked hard for next leg? Will the Eagles be able to go back to their winning form and regain the title? Can MSIEvoGT.LoL go back to their winning ways just like last leg? Or will there be a new team to watch out for?

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