Introducing Mski.Kor

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Jhudiel Lopez


As of 1:09pm, Mski.Kor.Dae has informed us that Mski.Kor.SeleCT will be unable to participate in this year's WCG due to personal issues. As such, he will be replaced with Mski.kor-Reisen.

Mineski's goal as an organization has always been to advance eSports. Its efforts are, and will always be towards making great strides in legitimizing and enriching the new age of competition, and until recently, most, if not all of it has been focused in the Philippines.

Not for long, it seems. As the 2012 World Cyber Games loom over closer and closer Mineski has reached out for dedicated and hard working players; and it has found a team to support.

But not just any team. Mineski has always been known for its eye for quality and potential. So it went and found just that. A team that has overwhelming potential and the dedication to pull it off, from the country that has embraced eSports as a way of life.

That's right.

We've got Koreans.

Introducing Mineski.Kor!


From the well established Starcraft scene to the newly rising League of Legends arena, Korea has always been a great place for eSports, will this play into their favor? We'll see!

SeleCT, formerly of Team Dignitas

Veteran Filipino Dota competitors are familiar with David "Day" Dae, former member of Team International, who is now part of this up and coming Korean Dota 2 squad. Also gracing the presence of Mineski.kor is former Dignitas StarCraft II progamer, SeleCT, who first made his splash on the esports scene after his excellent performances in Major League Gaming Washington D.C. 2010 and Major League Gaming Dallas 2011.

Dae playing in MPGL with for Team International with his PH friends

Coming in from different backgrounds these guys have come together to show what they've got in one of the fiercest arenas in the world. How far will they come? Can they become a Royal Roader? Mineski is more than excited to see how the new team will perform. Best of Luck to them! And, as they say here in the Philippines:

"Tiwala lang! Bus yan!"

Visit GosuGamers to see what Mineski.Kor will be going up against, and also the other brackets for the upcoming WCG!