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Under the radar NCCL teams still up for challenge

Wilson Astorga

This group hails from the busy University Belt, specifically in Mendiola. After the intense fights at the Legarda A leg, they were the team that managed to defy all odds and stood among the others. With their red and white flag, they plan to roar their way towards the championship title. They are none other than Lucky and Friends of San Beda College Mendiola.


What are your courses and year at San Beda?

Mark Louise Reyes  2nd yr. IT
Renz Carlo Reyes - 4th yr. Entrep
Adrian Dela Llarte 2nd yr. IT
Jam Ruzzle Orozco - 2nd yr. IT
Tristan Ericsson Cuasay - 2nd yr. IT
Misha Lhouize Corpuz 2nd yr. Entrep

Businessmen and IT specialists... Now that's a combo! But why choose Lucky and Friends for a team name?

We just went through a voting process for the team name. Then we've surveyed some of our peers and the majority of them agreed to our name. And the rest was history. 

So I'm guessing that Lucky is your team captain right? But how was your team formed? Is NCCL the team's first tournament?

Yes, NCCL is our team’s first official tournament. Our team was formed due to unexpected reasons after we've decided to join the NCCL. It was really just for the experience that it can give us. We never thought that we would be part of the NCCL finals at the first place.

Interesting... So, any struggles as a team during the NCCL tourney?

Meron, nabuo lang kami noong NCCL 1 at 4 pero ung nakaraan na nccl leg 3 and 4 eh kulang kulang kame.

What was your feeling after getting a slot for the NCCL finals in SMX?

It was an achievement for us already after learning about our participation at the NCCL finals. Because out of all the other teams that participated at the Legarda A leg, we didn't expect to get the spot for the tournament.

So you guys are indeed lucky. What preparations do you have in mind for the NCCL finals?

We have plans of preparing for the NCCL finals since all of us our busy in our studies… Probably after the end of our finals.

And since your've mentioned your studies, what are your thoughts about "responsible gaming”? 

Lucky: Priotize your studies. Playing games is just a past-time after finishing your academic obligations. 

Jam: I just play whenever I have free time. But when I needed to do some school work, I always prioritize it before anything else.

Adrian: Study is a priority for me during weekdays. But when the week-end starts, then I focus on playing.

Tristan: It is all about proper time management.

Renz: I always prioritize my studies, especially our very difficult business plan. Playing games is just a stress-reliever for me.

Misha: Studying and playing can be done at the same time depending on the time management of a person / student. If you want to leave the class early then go. Just make your that your academic obligations are done before doing the former.

Well said guys! Thank you for your time. By the way, would guys want to greet any one or any groups of people?

Lucky: I would like to greet all the people I know in Bulacan. My friends at SB-Allstar at Boss-B café, and my friends at San Beda College.

Adrian: Hi to my best friend that goes by the name of JP Dinglasan who lives in Katipunan. And to our teammates that can't be part of the tournament due to our number within the team.

Jam: Hi to my block mates at San Beda, And to my family (Orozco Family). Thank you also to my mother and father.

Tristan: I would like to greet my friends at Team Tomaneng. To my girlfriend Veanna and to my family as well, I love you guys!

Renz: I would like to greet Jerome, Genz, Dran, JM, Ram, Sherwin, and to the important people in my life.

Misha: Hi to Savannah my girlfriend, and to my block mates at BBE as well.

Can their team continue their lucky and roaring ways, and eventually be at the top of the food chain during the NCCL finals?



This next team hails all the way from the northern end of Luzon. A team that made their mark as the first-ever school to represent Mineski Infinity Tuguegarao, and as the first ever three-peat champions there as well, this is Team Vargas of F.L. Vargas College.

Hi guys! Can you please give a brief description about yourselves?

Louie Alvarez Jr. - 1st yr. BSCS
Jude Santos Jr. BSCS -1st yr. BSCS
Frederick Fernandez - 1st yr. BSCS
Ian Sapipi BSCS -1st yr. BSCS
Gilbert Jesus T. Abad - 1st yr. BSCS
Jaycee Mallari BSCS - 1st yr. BSCS

So all you guys came from the same block. Anyway, what's the reason behind your team name?

We named our team as Vargas because it's where we study. It's a great honor for us to represent our school.  

You guys really have that school spirit burning within you. But how was your team formed? Is NCCL the team's first tournament?

We knew each other for a long time now. So when we heard about the tournament, we've decided to participate and show our skills. And we've been competing through various tournaments as a team before the NCCL.

Were there any struggles as a team during the NCCL tourney?

Many, but we were able to manage all of it because of our teamwork and trust for each other.

I see. So what was your feeling after getting a three-peat and at the same time, a slot for the NCCL finals in SMX?

We're very happy and nervous at the same time because this is our first time to be a part of an event such as the NCCL.    

Any preparations do you have in mind for the NCCL finals?

We just have to practice harder, improve our team cooperation, and time management.

What are your thoughts about "responsible gaming" ? Do you have any specific idea in mind?

Jude: A balance between playing and studying.

Louie: Play hard, study harder.

Fred: Do everything to win while balancing your obligations in studying and gaming. Trusting yourself is also necessary to achieve greater success.

Ian: Play to enjoy. But study for your future.

Agi: Play to win, then study after you play.

Jaycee: It is playing with limits. One can't just play forever.

Well said guys! So before we end, do you guys want to greet any people in particular?

Jude: Hi to my babies Ana and Thirdy. Shout outs to all the Tugegarao players out there.

Louie: Hi to my girlfriend, and to all the DotA players at Tugue and Tumauini. Special mention to Tuguegarao Rambulan team.

Ian: binabati ko lahat ng tga tuguegarao at kay Robin,dsrdsr,Khen R.,Marty,Renz ,Rdie, chester at lalong lalo na sa kapatid ko si Prince Sapipi a.k.a GoodMeetsAngel.  

Agi: I would like everyone at Ilagan, especially to my XPD friends.

Fred: I would like to greet my former team of Evolution, Team Axis of Ilocos, and my friends at the RGC community, and to those at Sanchez Mira and Claveria. I would also like to greet my fellow staffs and head admins at RGC clanwars.

Jaycee: I would like to greet all the people at Tuguegarao, to Diding Grin, to those at Staticbyte, sgaming, rambulan, and to my previous classmates. Tuguegarao represent!

Can their team prove that the people from the Northern part of the country are worthy of claiming the NCCL title?


This team comes from a university that belongs in the busy streets of Taft Avenue, Manila. After having a close call with NoHandsUp (TUP-M) during the Legarda B leg, they've managed to regain their composure and eventually broke the tie. Flying all the way from Adamson University, they are known as Team Soaring Falcons.


First and foremost Rusty, what are your courses and year at AdU?

Rusty Jill E. Salvacion - 3rd yr. BSBA FM
John Mervic Fabian - 2nd y.r BS IT
Jarviz Lorenz D. Palad - 2nd yr. BS IT
Jaz Villoga - 2nd y.r BS IT
Gerniel Empino - 3rd yr. BS Customs Administration
Patrick David - 3rd yr. BSBA FM 

Congratulations on your win by the way. What's the reason behind your team name?

Because our school is flying High... Soaring Falcons! Actually, our name was based on our school's UAAP Basketball team. (laughs)

So that's why it sounds familiar. But how was your team formed? Is NCCL the team's first tournament?

Yes, NCCL is our official tournament as a team. We're just a band of players who play with other teams within our school. Then after hearing that our school can compete in the NCCL, all of us then were very eager to join.

Were there any struggles as a team during the NCCL tourney?

Definitely! When we've faced No Hands Up (a team that is very close to us) of TUP-M during the last leg of the finals at MI Legarda, me and my teammate (Fabian) were also participants of another tournament that was happening on that same day. Good thing we've manage to play to both tournaments. And when our scores got into a tie with NoHandsUp, we then played against them for the last time to determine who would advance to the finals. It was a very epic match!

Well congratulations with that. So what was the team's feeling after getting a slot for the NCCL finals in SMX?

We were overwhelmed and very happy. Imagine how hard it is for a student team to represent their school or university on tournament such as the NCCL.  

What preparations do you have in mind for the NCCL finals?

I think that composure is one of our keys to be successful at the finals It's a big stage out there and we need to be calm and just play like we used to. It will be our first time to play on a big stage. So if someone within our team eventually felt nervous during our game, I am sure that it would not be beneficial for us. 

So Choking is not an option... I see. Now, what are your thoughts about "responsible gaming" ?

Rusty:Study is the most important thing to do. You can't study all the time, but you can play all the time. So to be a responsible gamer, you should have proper time management. Because no one can control you or say to you that you should study. The only one that you can count on is yourself. Study first guys! :D

Patrick: Responsible gaming is all about proper time management, thru making the most out of your day by studying first then using the excess time for gaming.

Jarviz: Becoming a responsible gamer has been hard for me. To focus on my studies while focusing on my gaming career at the same time is not an easy task. If you woulnd't be able to manage your time well, lower grades would be the result of it.

Fabian: A responsible gamer must have the necessary time management in terms of balancing your studies and playing. Because many people do not balance their studies while playing computer games. That’s why many people  fails to their studies.

Jaz: As a student, you should know how to prioritize your responsibilities. As the old saying goes “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. Being a responsible student doesn’t mean you can’t play such games. It’s just a matter of time management.

Thank you for the wisdom that you've shared guys. So before anything else, now is the time to greet any person or people that you want to.

Fabian: First of all I would like to greet all students of Adamson University that also plays DotA just like us, even you don’t want to support us. (Laughs) You know who you are I don’t need to mention all of you guys. To all j2 players, my TNC.Trojan family, to boss Emer, and to all my friends in Paranaque and Pasay hi! Lastly, to my girlfriend Ghelai Arevalo. 

Jaz: I would like to greet all my friends in Adamson, TUP, J2 players, GP Family, and also to my loving family. 

Gerniel: I would like to greet No Hands Up of TUP: it’s was a good game between us guys. And also to the players at J2esport.

Jarviz: I would like to greet my friends at j2, most especially to Patrick of Adamson University. To my mom, my big brother, Nomer, Allen, Larry, Kim and to all of you guys I forgot to mention... Please support us. Thank you!

Patrick: I would like to greet my friends at J2esport, Team Rocket Family Bok, Jek, Ejhay, C2, Rocky, El ehy and all “BARTS” out there. :D

Rusty: First of all I would like to greet my Ledion Dreamz family: Yoshi, Julz, Paty, El Ehy, Owey and Justin Alm a.k.a “KALBO”. To all players at J2esport, my friends out there: Atong, Kel, Jhoven, Paul,Ace, Jomz, Geneva, Potpot, and Lyka. We will do our best to bring home the bacon. (laughs) SMX here we come!

Can these guys soar high and achieve the most coveted Aegis Cup? Or will their wings be broken instantly? Stay tuned at Mineski.net and at the upcoming PGF to find out!



This last team came all the way from Mindanao like team Crusaders of Cagayan De Oro. And after grabbing a three-peat as well, this team is now ready to show what the gamers from Dipolog can do. With no further explanation, here is Team Vicente of Saint Vincent's College of Dipolog.

Good day Ivan! Can you give some basic information about yourselves?

Ivan Rex Piala - 1st yr. BSCpE
Bonilyn Fiel Duller - 3rd yr. BSHRM
Ken Albert Martinez - 3rd yr. BSIT
Jose Roy M. Carbonell - 3rd yr. BSCS
Paul Marc Sulit Edpalina - 1st yr. BSBA

Mixed courses... How fascinating. So why did you choose Vicente as a team name?

We choose Vicente because we came from Saint Vincent's College. And since we all study there, we've decided to name our team to Vicente instead of Vincent.

How was your team formed? Is NCCL the team's first tournament?

We already knew each other before since we're studying at the same institution. And after hearing about the NCCL tournament, we've decided to form a team for it.

Were there any struggles as a team during the NCCL tourney?

We had some during the early stages of the tournament. But those eventually faded after having some practices to cope up with our mistakes, while incorporating each other's movements and idea.

Nice! So what was your feeling after getting a three-peat, and a slot for the NCCL finals in SMX at the same time?

We've felt so many emotions back then. But we're very proud of our achievements after having such victory during the NCCL qualifiers.

Any preparations do you have in mind for the NCCL finals?

We're aim for a good result. But in order to achieve such thing, we're continuously practicing during our free time while not having any conflicts with our academic obligations.

Such a simple answer. So do you have any simple answers as well with regards to "responsible gaming" ?

Ivan: Aim to get good grades, as well as getting good games.

Bonilyn: Studying should be taken seriously.

Ken: Time management is the key. Gaming is something that should be done forever. Focusing on your studies is a must.

Jose Roy: Self discipline is the main key for me. Do your responsibilities very well.

Paul Marc: Studies is something that must be prioritized. Gaming is not a lifetime hobby. Studies can give us a secured future.

Thank you for the short, yet meaningful interview guys. But before we end, do you want to greet any people in particular?

Team shoutouts: Hello sa tanang dipolognon, salamat sa suporta ug good luck sa amoa! Team Wires and Lines 1 & 2 More power!

[Hi to everyone that is living in Dipolog. Thank you for your support! Good luck to our team.]



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