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Pmski and PcfcLAW.NeoES on PGF

Wilson Astorga

This first all-girls team has been around the competitive gaming scene for quite some time now. From their early careers as a 5-girl team, they are now composed of 10 ladies that sure know how to give the guys some headaches whenever they compete against them. They are the princess warriors known as PMSKI.

GMPGL DOTA 2012 Achievements

4-2 Class G - Champion
4-4 Class G - Champion
4-7 Class G - Champion
4-8 Class G - Champion

PMSKI Complete Roster

 Name of Player: Ana (Pmski.miele) Bartolome

 Role in the team: Support
 Years of playing: 3 years
 Core Item: Force Staff
 Previous Team/s: Pag-Ibig DotA 2

Known as "AnaBart" to others, she has the prowess of a support player that can give that  extra boost to her team when needed. Known as a Crystal Maiden user during games, she is a player who knows how to play the game. And add the necessary items in her arsenal, she can truly boggle your mind during games. Former pRO player, former HoN player... Need I say more? 


Name of Player: Elle (Pmski.3773) Kuo
 Role in the team: Initiator/Tank
 Years of playing: Around 7 years
 Core Item: Dagger of Escape
 Previous Team/s: Mineski Redwings

The Earthshaker + Dagger user of PMSKi. She's truly an initiator/tanker for the team that's been tested through time. 3773 is a girl that you shouldn't mess with because she can also play Counter Strike. Are you guys up to the challenge?


 Name of Player: Milcah Angelica Cristina (Pmski.anGel) Dacanay

 Role in the team: Mid Laner/ Main Carry
 Years of playing: 2yrs
 Core Item: Magic Stick
 Previous Team/s: HF.Chix

Better show your A-game when you compete with her. From SF, DK, Tinker, Lanaya, QoP, anGel is someone that should be taken seriously on mid-lanes. Former Gunbound, FPS, and O2Jam player that can bring up the heat.


Name of Player: Girlie (Pmski.gtkyy) Policarpio
 Role in the team: Any Role
 Years of playing: 3yrs.
 Previous Teams: none
 Core Item: Dagger of Escape

As one of three jack-of-all-trades of the team, she's one tough girl when it comes to DotA. Make sure that she can't farm well when she uses her favorite heroes (QoP, Sand King, Magina, Rhasta, or Necrolyte) or you'll regret it.


 Name of Player: Ma. Katrina (Pmski.Ykatrina) Ferrer

 Role in the team: Carry/ Side Laner
 Years of playing: 6 years
 Core Item: Bottle
 Previous teams: none

A former Flyff player that's considered to be one of the veteran players around in the girls division. A tried and tested user of Puck that can amaze anyone who sees her play. A poised player that can truly bring trouble during games.


Name of Player: Janelle (Pmski.Ja*Dela Rosa
 Role in the team: All Around
 Years of playing: 5years
 Favorite Item: Dagger of Escape
 Previous Team: TheOs.Girls

The saying "Big things come in small packages" is truly a description that fits her. An ethusiast of games such as Ragnarok, CS, and Grandchase that can be considered as the 2nd jack-of-all trades of her team. Don't ever let her use Earthshaker or this former Theos.Girls player can make things really shaky.


 Name of Player: Shane (Pmski.ShoLaleySantos

 Role in the team: Anyrole
 Years of playing: 1yr +
 Previous games before: none
 Core Item: Tango
 Previous Team: wenkz

The third jack-of-all-trades of the team that has proven her worth despite being a rookie player in the team, and in the professional league as well. A previous player for wenkz who's love for Rubick during games, made her develop the skills that she currently has.


 Name of Player: Jenn (Pmski.JeNn) Morales

 Role in the team: Support
 Years of playing: 4 yrs.
 Core Item: Urn of Shadows
 Previous Team: E7.sai

After her shift from RO to DotA, her prowess as a support player during games made her as known in the scene. Her passion for the game, similar to ShoLaley's and Ja*, made them deserving in their spots as Pmski players. Just make sure that she can't use Ancient Apparition or you'll feel the chill of her decisive gameplay.


 Name of player: Rea Lynne (Pmski.Rheadoo) Aguinaldo *Inactive 

 Role in the team: Support
 Years of playing: 8 1/2 yrs.
 Favorite hero: Lich
 Favorite item: Dagger of escape


 Name of Player: Marjorie (Pmski.Joy) Eusebio *inactive

 Role in the team: Mid-Laner / Carry, Semi-carry, All around
 Years of playing: 6 yrs.
 Previous games before: Diablo I, Diablo II, Warcraft, pRO, RF Online PH, RF 
 Extreme, ROSE Online PH, Gunbound, Heroes of Might and Magic Online (Asia 
 Server), Dragon Nest, Diablo III (currently played game)
 Favorite Hero: SF, Morph, Lanaya, Tinker, DK, Storm, Slardar, ES
 Favorite Item/s: Tango, Dagger
 Previous Team: TheOs.Girls

With the addition of Ja*, ShoLaley, and JeNn this year, Pmski has greatly solidified their mark in the competitive gaming scene


This next team is also a veteran team that had been present for quite some time also like Pmski. Their team chemistry is time-tested due to the numerous tournaments that they've participated in to. From the original 5 DoA players(Dota O Ako), to Pacific LaW (Live and Wired), and now as the official girls team of Neolution E-Sport in the Philippines, these girls are now ready to compete with other teams once again. They are the lady warriors of Pacific.Neolution E-Sport (Pcfc.NeoEs)

GMPGL DOTA 2012 Achievements

4-7 CLASS G = 2nd Place
4-8 CLASS G = 2nd Place

Pcfc.NeoEs Complete Roster


 Name of Player: Eulla May (Pcfc.NeoEs.Olaaaa) Acupan
 Role in the team: Captain / Hitter
 Years of playing: 3 yrs.
 Core Iteam: Dagger of Escape
 Previous Team: DoA

As the team's captain, she's proven her worth by maintaining the chemistry and teamplay within the team during every tournament that they participate at. Using her fast hands ability when using Tinker or Invoker, this girl is a deadly one to compete with on solo lanes. A former Gunbound, MUPh, and Audition gamer that knows how to handle things well.

Name of Player: Jeniffer (Pcfc.NeoEs.Zhazhiee) Obsuna
 Role in the team: Support / Initiator
 Years of playing: 6 yrs.
 Core Item/s: Dagger, ForceStaff
 Previous Team: DoA

Being one of the known female support players at present, she's girl player that's truly passionate when it comes to every games that she plays alongside with her teammates. From SK, ES, Enigma, Omnki Knight, to Ancient Apparition, she's a player that's always ready to rumble with their opponents. Have I mentioned that she's also an avid fan of Starcraft, Half-Life, Red Alert, and Counter Strike?

Name of Player: Isabel (Pcfc.NeoEs.ChanG) del rosario
 Role in the team: Hitter
 Years of playing: 3 yrs.
 Favorite Item/s: TP, Dagger of Escape, Force Staff, & Butterfly
 Previous Team: DoA

Her capabilities of being a hitter for the time has been tested through time way back. Her love for Counter Strike and AuditionPH in the past greatly motivated her to compete even further in the competitive DotA scene. Never let her use Naga Siren, Chaos Knight, and Magnataur our you guys will truly regret it in the end.

Name of Player: Leiko (Pcfc.NeoEs.Kae) Sasaki
 Role in the team: Support
 Years of playing: 3 yrs.
 Favorite Item/s: Magic Stick, Smoke of Deceit
 Previous Team/s: HF.Chix, StaticX

A tried and tested support player after being part of HF.Chix and StaticX before, this girl can surely fulfill her obligations for her team at any time of the day. A former Ragnarok player that can surprise you whenever she uses Crystal Maiden or Tinker during games.

Name of Player: Monica (Pcfc.NeoEs.Moca) Merino
 Role in the team: Support / Ganker
 Years of playing: 3 yrs.
 Favorite Item/s: Force Staff , Smoke of Deceit , Arcane Boots 
 Previous Team: DoA

Her support capacities during games made her known even when they were still known as DoA. A natural support player because of her love for Vengeful Spirit, Rubick, and Crystal Maiden, she will surely go all out for her team whenever necessary. Also a former fan of Counter Strike.

Name of Player: Karizza (Pcfc.NeoEs.riZzA) Natividad
 Role in the team: Hitter
 Years of playing: 6 yrs.
 Core Item: Lothar's Edge
 Previous Team: DoA

As one of the team's hitter during games, her prowess in terms of providing the much needed power for the team is something that we can all agree on. Whether a solo-side, solo-mid, or a tri-lane hitter role, she brings out the goods that her team needs during games.

Can they continue their winning ways up to the very end? Or will there be a new team that would beat them to the finish?




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